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Prison Break The Final Break: The Old Ball and Chain/Free Review

Michael and Sara get married, Sara is then arrested for murdering Christina. The plot setup is ludicrous, wasn't Kellerman supposed to take care of everything? Sara's flung into prison with Gretchen. Prison guards beat her up and the prison 'Daddy' (Lori Petty in full on scenery chewing mode) wants her. Meanwhile in the male wing of the prison, T-Bag and the General plot to kill Sara. Michael, Linc and Sucre plot to bust Sara out. Mahone fails to get his FBI job back (no shock there) and starts spying on Michael (he's learned nothing) and yet another FBI agent nemesis for Michael shows up.

The plot makes zero sense but Gretchen has a nice new haircut. Nobody seems too concerned about the massive conspiracy of the Company or the extent of the Company's crimes, all people want is revenge for the Fox River break. People act like jerks, just because they can. Somehow no-one can prove Christina was a baddie. The General and T-Bag are blights on the screen with their ham job acting.

Mahone decides not to betray Michael anymore after Michael says he trusts Mahone. Sara and Gretchen plot to escape by triggering a riot. But Gretchen gets caught and shows growth by letting Sara get away. Michael sacrifices his life to ensure Sara's freedom. People look sad. So Sara is an escaped con for life and Michael is dead. Joy. For some reason there is no police dragnet out looking for Sara.

This was a waste of time.

Best Lines:
"We won't hit the baby basket."

"I don't do favours for cons."
"Really, that's not what it says on the bathroom wall."

"I know where the hole is!"

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