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Book Reviews: Fallen Heroes + Demons Of Air And Darkness + The BFG

Star Trek Deep Space Nine #5: Fallen Heroes by Dafydd ab Hugh
This 1994 novel was a big deal back in the day despite bizarre characterization, no Rules of Acquisition and no Department of Temporal Investigations. Odo and Quark are sent 3 days in the future and find DS9 a silent, decimated place. In the present, aliens attack the station and the crew desperately try to repel them as they cannot meet the aliens impossible requests. This was good despite a litany of death, racial stereotyping, deviations from continuity and rampant plot illogic. If you think about it too hard the whole plot collapses - but this is enjoyable and far better then the tiresome DS9 reboots current direction.

Best Lines:
“Not this time.”

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Gateways: Demons Of Air And Darkness by Keith R.A. DeCandido
This was Book 4 of 7 of the second big crossover event of 2001. This was mediocre but still better than the naff ‘Doors into Chaos’. Iconian gateways reopen so cue authorial lectures, utterly generic action, Dax having inner turmoil and a Jem’Hadar fighting a Hirogen. This has no sense of occasion and Quark acquires an Orion dabo girl named Treir, who doesn’t match up with the later reveal about Orion women.

Best Lines:
“Why hunt us?”
“It’s what they do,”

“Malic had all those things, and he let you use them.”

The BFG by Roald Dahl
An okay children’s book.
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