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Star Trek Voyager Section 31: Shadow by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch
This part of the big 2001 crossover event sees a Section 31 agent on Voyager try to kill 7 of 9. This was ugly, dull, unnecessary and ineffectual and joins the list of naff ‘Star Trek’ novels like ‘Sarek’, ‘The Better Man’, ‘Recovery’, ‘The Captain’s Daughter’, ‘First Strike’, ‘Wagon Train To The Stars’, ‘Challenger’, ‘Q-Squared’, ‘The Children of Hamlin’, ‘Imzadi II’, ‘All Good Things...’, ‘Ghost Ship’, ‘Survivors’, ‘Masks’, ‘A Call To Darkness’, ‘Gulliver’s Fugitives’, ‘Doomsday World’, ‘Exiles’, ‘Fortune’s Light’, ‘Contamination’, ‘Q-In-Law’, ‘Perchance To Dream’, ‘Spartacus’, ‘Imbalance’, ‘War Drums’, ‘Guises of the Mind’, ‘Here There Be Dragons’, ‘Sins of Commission’, ‘Debtor’s Planet’, ‘Requiem’, ‘Balance of Power’, ‘Blaze of Glory’, ‘The Romulan Stratagem’, ‘The Last Stand’, ‘Dragon’s Honor’, ‘Possession’, ‘The Soldiers of Fear’, ‘The Q Continuum’ trilogy’, ‘Double or Nothing’, ‘Warped’, ‘The Fall of Terok Nor’, ‘Inferno’, ‘The Search’, ‘The Siege’, ‘Betrayal’, ‘Warchild’, ‘Antimatter’, ‘Proud Helios’, ‘Devil In The Sky’, ‘Station Rage’, ‘Time’s Enemy’, ‘Saratoga’, ‘The Tempest’, ‘Vengeance’, ‘Mosaic’, ‘The Escape’, ‘Ragnarok’, ’Final Fury’, ’The Garden’, ’Once Burned’, ‘Caretaker’ and ‘Dark Passions 1&2’.

Star Trek The Next Generation Section 31: Rogue by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin
This 2001 crossover was a big event. Picard and co come up against the self-appointed protectors of the Federation. There is no law, no conscience and no stopping them. Set before and after the events of ‘Star Trek: Nemesis’. Picard and co face off with the Romulans over a boring hellhole planet. Data bores. Picard reunites with his old pals Marta and Zweller (as seen in the ‘TNG’ ep ‘Tapestry’).

Meanwhile bit part player Sean Hawk gets to do stuff also he’s gay. This BTW is meant as a big deal. Section 31 run around making deals, being not very secret, getting involved with aliens and duelling with Romulans. Picard and Marta become bizarre left-wing nut jobs once they learn of Section 31 and act as though the UFP is being besmirched.

Picard and Marta rant about the lurid details of Section 31’s misdeeds and go full on Corbyn, ignoring that the UFP is not the utopia of their idealised imaginings. Marta and Picard speak of plans to bring down Section 31 with reverential delivery and I think; are we supposed to take these two morons seriously? They have no self-actualisation about their noble and cherished Starfleet. They’re both violently bigoted against Romulans and ignore how Section 31 has saved the UFP. Yet the liberal duo act like this is a bad thing. They’re idiots and so is Hawk. This book is dull and is a cautionary reminder of ‘Star Trek’ and the liberal agenda and its official hostility to sense. This was dull and boring with too much technobabble and way too many 20th century references.

Best Lines:
“What have we become since the war of Martian Independence? A garage for Earth’s starships.”

“The dark was absolute and eternal.”

Star Trek The Next Generation #45: Intellivore by Diane Duane
This 1997 novel is a tale of tedium and bloat. An alien life form does deeply horrific and unsettling things. But this was a bloated, flabby, borderline nonsensical tale full of unnecessary filler.

Best Lines:
“Geo bond.”

“Post-planetary formation debris.”

“Drift analysis technology.”

“Creation was blasphemy.”

Star Trek The Next Generation #17: Boogeymen by Mel Gilden
In this 1991 tale of awfulness, Wesley’s childhood nightmares come to life and take over the Enterprise. Wesley is wildly inconsistent with what he became and the alien attacks, holodeck attacks and mystery have nothing worthwhile in them. This was clunky, unpleasant and worst of all; dull.


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