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Movie Reviews: City On Fire + Airport 79 + Avalanche + Airport 77

City On Fire (1979)
A pyromaniac ex-employee of a city oil refinery creates a chain reaction of fires that engulfs the city. Shelley Winters, Leslie Nielsen, Ava Gardner, Henry Fonda and Barry Newman star. A shoddy hospital must cope with the disaster as a doctor (Newman) has to save the day. This was directed by the guy who did the inept ‘Death Ship’. People die, people turn up for a pay cheque and there is a good scene where people try to escape the hospital by drenching themselves in water and running through the burning streets. This was relentlessly stupid but a time passer.

The Concorde: Airport ‘79 (1979)
George Kennedy, Robert Wagner and Sylvia Kristel star in this franchise killer. A bad man (Wagner) plans to kill his reporter girlfriend by shooting down the Concorde she is on. Luckily the pilot (Kennedy) manages to land the Concorde on a ski slope in the Alps. Dumb.

Avalanche (1978)
Rock Hudson, Mia Farrow and Robert Forster star in this Roger Corman ski slope soap opera avalanche schlock. Has selective appeal.

Airport ‘77 (1977)
Jack Lemmon, James Stewart, Christopher Lee, Olivia de Havilland and Lee Grant star in this camp okay film. A rich nut (Stewart) transports his art and guests via plane. Thieves try to rob the plane, only to clip an oil rig and sink to the bottom of the ocean. Now the survivors must escape.
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