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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Bad Moms’ trailer
Stressed moms (among them Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell) whine about their lives, their mcmansions and scald themselves with coffee and have a silly dog. A PTA bitch (Christina Applegate) bitches and the mothers crack up. Cue sex jokes and partying.

Best Lines:
“I’m saying we punch that chick right in the tits.”

“Is that your mom bra?”

“My son failed study hall.”
“My daughter stole money from a homeless woman.”

‘Last Action Hero’ trailer
The big Ticket for 93 indeed. This film had no consistent tone.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ TV spot
Lord, Renner looks rough.

‘Mad City’ (1997) promo

Goat butter - okay.

‘The Craft’ reboot is a 20 years later sequel. I’m there!

I never saw any of the ‘China O’Brien’ films.

Mandles are a thing?

‘The Gloss’ Quotes:
“Violent harassers are known to lurk in ritzy hair salons.”

“So many bin bags full of no-longer-loved possessions were deposited at the local charity shop that the manager imposed a barring order.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Only God controls the weather.”

“This country was roasted out of it.”

“That was terrible. I won’t hear a word in its favour.”

“Trained for sinister, ambiguous future roles.”

“Crawford called her co-star a child and threw her clothes in the street.”

“A scene beloved by queer theorists.”

“Comparatively hapless.”

“I still love you like you love me,”

“Angry faces and evil minds.”

“Parental failure.”

“Baseless delusion.”

“An earlier, marginally more interesting pass at the same material.”

“Were a little less effective in the lead role.”

“This causes Sally to throw milk jugs at his head.”

“Daily ritual of online shaming.”

“I don’t like that connotation.”

“The exhalers of all fumes.”

“Never write ‘balls’ with an indelible pencil on the margins of the books provided. Do not solicit the female librarians to acts of unnatural vice.”

“To make the powdered flavourings they sprinkle on their products sound like expensive, hand-crafted ingredients.”

“Isn’t a farm where happy chickens roam fragrant meadows.”

“You are only looking for attention.”

“Less evenly tempered inner Marxist revolutionary.”

“Unclean pauper.”

“In-your-face inequality.”

“Intimidated by the envy.”

“A known bike thief.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Furnace glowing with revolutionary metaphor.”

‘Futurama’ Quote:
“A single conspiracy nut who no-one will believe.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Twitchy wide boy’s strut and his faraway eyes.”

“Seems helplessly bound to bad choices.”

“Watching his TV being carted away after yet another infraction.”

“Hairdressers notoriously detest it.”

“A schoolgirl affection.”

“Such folk, who can afford to be Left-wing, can barely camouflage their contempt for the American poor’s suburban lifestyles.”

“Vindictive cow.”

“Ecological replacement.”

“My policeman had to get off and vomit over the bench.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“How long do I have to be punished for this?”

“I have no forgiveness for you.”

“I faked a surrogate pregnancy for the money.”

‘The Windsors’ Quotes:
“You clean bog now!”

“Fighting rottweilers in Morrisons carparks.”

“Smoking crack with three Burmese prostitutes again.”

“We could not go shopping?”

“Who pays for a holiday?”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Sienna makes out with Trevor on her hen-night and steals Grace’s garter. Nico acts up. Sienna is cataclysmically cray-cray. Trevor dumps her. Sienna attacks her wedding dress. Since when are Maxine and Sienna friends? Nico looks like a crazy woman. Harry annoys. Sienna marries Ben.

Best Lines:
“I helped you through your breakdown!”

“Go marry your cooper!”
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