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Book Reviews: Torpedo Juice + Reflections On A Marine Venus

Torpedo Juice by Tim Dorsey
This 2006 novel sees Serge look for a wife amid a storm of sexism. Also an idiot woman and a crazed drug dealer tangle. This has no vitality, harmony or serenity just many annoyances. Serge needs correctional supervision for his endless wrong decisions. The Concerned Narrator voiceover vanishes after a few pages. Serge is seen as a crusading individualist goaded into fury while his darker aspects are ignored. His murders are because spiritual pollution in endemic in Florida and he has to deal with it in attention-seeking, beyond inappropriate ways, apparently. The author is under the misapprehension that Serge is a lovable scamp. He isn’t.

Best Lines:
“Clothes and makeup that are only in fashion in penitentiary visiting rooms.”

“Keeping alive his record-breaking streak of wrong life decisions.”

Reflections On A Marine Venus by Lawrence Durrell
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