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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Colony’ 1x05 promo
A compelling futurist thriller and the hunt is on. Is that Maddie in peril?

‘Arrow’ 4x20 promo
Not caring.

‘The Durrells’ 1x06 promo
Scorpions and inaccuracies.

‘Norbit’ (2007) promo

Tutti-Frutti flavour chew - very good.
Gluten free & wheat free white loaf - good.
Corn, rice, quinoa gluten free spaghetti - yum.
Made gluten free chocolate peanut brownies - okay.

Does anyone recall Vitalite?

The ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ (1992 - 1995) was okay.

Never saw Tobe Hooper’s 1990 ‘Spontaneous Combustion’.

They’re doing a TV series of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘?

Haunted’ and ‘Rats’ by James Herbert were terrible and are instantly emblematic of pulp horror crap.

I may review ‘SWAT: Firefight’.

There will be a 4th 'Star Trek' movie? Well it is actually the 14th but you know.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“A poisonous puffball.”

“Pretty Spartan and rudimentary and grim.”

“A world that purports to be (but is not) 15th-century England.”

“The crown changed hands violently five times.”

“Just a slight “sex worker” vibe.”

“Cute mode.”


“Smile saboteurs.”

“Narrative fallacy.”

“Catch-all for motivation.”

“Upstart crow.”

“Sexually ambiguous Italians.”

“Sickly tang of hindsight.”

“The aggressive shouting from strangers.”

“Was warned that if he walked around unsupervised, he would regret it.”

“People stop in the street to point and shout at me.”

“Lazy rich kids in their bedroom, making pointless videos with which adults will never identify.”

“An almost maniacal compulsion.”

“The general decline of morality.”

“Those who believed that teaching the poor to read had been a fatal error, dangerously expanding their horizons and encouraging discontent.”

“Malign relationship.”

“There was a substantial amount of anger at having to be grateful.”

“Middle-aged cauliflower obsessive.”

“Creeps into the room and burns things.”

“Like listening to a tomb breathe.”

“Slowly, grimly, youthful passion and potential give way to watching TV.”

“Idea density.”


“The hidden codes of a social structure in which you haven’t made the rules.”

“His oracular utterances were law.”

“Room of shame.”

“Fear of largeness and ostentation.”

“Make their house look like a not especially nice hotel.”

“Remove every single trait of their own personality.”

“A real menace in glass.”

“Getting fatter and madder.”

“A huge grudge against talent.”


“Died on the loo with a needle in his arm.”

“Two of his seven main lovers killed themselves and two went mad.”

“Universally revered.”

“Unquestionably important.”

“Whose pronouncements were virtually biblical.”

“Arse-obsessed gibberish.”

“Paying for expensive lunches in the south of France with doodles on serviettes.”

“I seem to incite only dislike.”

“Unhappy the land that needs heroes.”

“Almost impossible to share unless you want to lick the table.”

“This is like walking into a Dan Brown novel.”

“Nuns don’t have a great record at looking after pregnant women.”

“He’s useless.”

“Hiding in a disabled toilet.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Political hostility.”

“Students of concern.”

‘Ireland’s Treasures’ Quotes:
“This book is not Christian.”

“Pagan, pre-Christian past.”

“Used as moral tales.”

“Deeply distorted by myth.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“It’s like Disneyland for thin people.”

“My boy never said thank you. Now he’s on Death Row.”

“Is this a fun job?”
“Not at the moment.”

“Let’s think about it quietly.”

“My lipstrip.”

‘The Dish’ Quote:
“Bed yoga.”

‘The Dark Labyrinth’ Quote:
“When death like a sundial casts his shadow.”

‘Back To The Future part III’ Quotes:
“I’m back from the future!”

“You wore that to the lake?”
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