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Batman ‘66 Meet The Man From U.N.C.L.E #5 + The Doorman #1 Reviewed

Batman ‘66 Meet The Man From U.N.C.L.E #5
The Batman Affair
The big bad has a cunning plan and plans to brainwash the heroes. Or have them eaten by a giant octopus. The big bad has a unifying idea. The 60s icons are offered up to the reader in tasteful aspic in this very good issue. The heroes are psychoanalysed and there are dangerous possibilities and no virtuoso subtlety.

Best Lines:
“Gosh yes.”

“I don’t believe are actually obsessed with bats, no matter how many things you prefix with ‘bat’.”

“You lack the dark defining moment.”

“Classic rebellion! You even ride a motorcycle.”

The Doorman #1
A man’s job is to sit in a room guarding a portal to Earth. On his last day on the job, aliens show up. This was discordant and not hugely significant. There is violence and stylistic contrivance but it is all hollow.
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