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Book Reviews: The Latter Fire + The Big Bamboo

Star Trek The Original Series: The Latter Fire by James Swallow
Set during the 5 year mission, this starts out well as the Enterprise visits Syhaar Prime after making first contact a year previously. Things go awry and there are lectures on accountability and responsibility, damaging statements and corrective action. An alien has an angry nature, things are badly handled and what started out well goes into decline and a baddie meets an undignified unironic death. I didn’t care for the acrimonious wrangling. This had no pulsating energy and there is no dazzling layering of different people and stories just obscene displays of menace.

Best Lines:
“Your star-blighted monster.”

“If you leave a trail of destruction across space, you will draw the same fate upon yourselves.”

The Big Bamboo by Tim Dorsey
This 2007 novel sees Serge in Hollywood and there are highly precise threats of violence and a jaunty toned zany struggle for meaning. There are loose thematic connections and huge overarching plot duplications to other Serge novels. As always, women are just semen receptacles. There are dated pop culture references and this has no freedom or spontaneity.

Best Lines:
“It was like The Passion Of The Christ, but worse.”

“Being awakened naked in a Topanga Dumpster by a bunch of transients poking him with sticks.”

“The 1970s were an utter waste of ten years in virtually every respect: socially, musically, politically.”

“What’s your speciality?”
“Getting Alec Baldwin to punch me for the out-of-court money.”
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