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Movie Reviews: Friendship, Secrets and Lies + Camelot + 3 others

Friendship, Secrets and Lies (1979)
Six former sorority sisters are suspected of murder when a baby’s skeleton is found in the ruins of their old sorority house. This okay movie is based on the novel ‘The Walls Came Tumbling Down’ by Babs H. Deal. This stars Sondra Locke, Tina Louise, Paula Prentiss, Stella Stevens and Loretta Swit. Prentiss is blamed by the mob and shamed but who really killed the baby and why? This was watchable if not revelatory.

Camelot (1967)
This was bog-standard Arthuriana starring a warbling Vanessa Redgrave and Richard Harris. People sing badly and make need-to-do-a-poo faces. Lancelot is awful and needs a kicking and then it just ends as Harris yells non-stop. WTF was this crap?

Best Lines:
“Your table has cracked Arthur.”

“The uglier the truth, the truer the friend that tells you.”

Splash (1984)
Not remotely credible.

Sleepers (1996)
Awful movie with Brad Pitt and Jason Patric.

The Dam Busters (1954)
The RAF designs a bouncing bomb to destroy the German dams during WW2. Good.
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