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I’m Dangerous Tonight (1990)
This rather good if wildly overwrought TV movie stars Madchen Amick, R. Lee Ermey, Jason Brooks, Dee Wallace Stone and Anthony Perkins. It’s adapted from a Cornell Woolrich tale and is directed by Tobe Hooper. A cloak once worn by an Aztec high priest is found. It has a malign affect on anyone who touches or wears it. It looks very well preserved for its age, it also looks like red polyester.

Amy (Amick) is a put-upon orphan with horrible relatives and dubious taste in men. A nice college professor (Perkins) is not so nice. Horrible clothes and bad hair are sported. Amy has a fearful perception and makes the cloak into a tacky red dress. This leads to a high camp scene where Amy’s granny does down the stairs in her wheelchair. Then Amy’s skanky cousin steals the dress, does wild overacting and throttles her lunkhead slampiece (Brooks).

There is more vexatious behaviour as the dress is stolen by a crackwhore (Stone). Nobody holds their composure and there is angry laughter inducing dialogue. A cop (Ermey) growls and the professor goes on about animism. Amy and her horrible boyfriend Eddie (who can’t act) have a showdown. Amy can’t undress herself, things get OTT and there is a sequel hook. How does an inanimate object have a will of its own? This was very good if OTT and overwrought, there is no ethical complexity here.

Best Lines:
“Some malevolent power.”

“Their own natural decency.”

“Where is the dress now?”
“It was destroyed.”

“Imagine it in the hands of someone utterly evil, someone more vulnerable to its power than you are!”

Captain America: Civil War (2016)
This arguably average film is based very loosely on the massive crossover event. After an Avengers mission goes awry, the superhero community splits into separate cadres. Secretary of State Ross (William Hurt) glowers, Iron Man is a burk, Captain America does his own thing, Black Widow looks blurry, Winter Solider (Sebastian Stan) broods, Hawkeye looks old, Black Panther debuts, Vision is a fascist, Scarlet Witch makes a mistake and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) debut.

There is violence, comedy, Martin Freeman, Emily Vancamp, an inaccurate UK funeral, Zemo and a stoned looking Ant Man (Paul Rudd). Iron Man makes it all about him and enjoys wholesale leisure as some of his colleagues end up in a maximum security undersea jail for doing their unstinting uncomplaining duty. There is plot illogic, loudness and this was emotionally deadened with prodigious fight scenes and self victimisation. There is fatuous discussion, moral chaos and private tensions. This wasn’t heartfelt or moving and was sadly unnervingly bland.

Best Lines:
“They’re not stopping.”

“Move. Or be moved.”

“Can you move your seat forward?”

“Let them come.”


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