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8 TV Reviews

Z Nation 2x03-1x05

Zombie Road
There is bad sfx and the new guy joins the gang. People shoot at each other. People stand around, looking furtive. There is a ‘World War Z’ homage. Nobody has sociality. Murphy has no graciousness. Murphy, Doc and a fat guy get buzzed on weed fertilized with zombies. The gang hang out with a convoy led by William Sadler who has emotional conservation. Cassandra seems to have no recognition or connection. Radioactive blaster zombies run wild. 10K isn’t deaf any more. Z-weed seems to cure Cassandra. There is more shooting, where is everyone getting ammo? I don’t care about ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘Fear The Walking Dead’. The gang are chased by zombies bent on obliteration. Season 2 has an inconsistent record so far. This ep doesn’t leave you purring with contentment. Murphy, Cassandra and the fat guy take off to get more z-weed. This was okay and the gang realise they are a bunch of Jonahs.

Best Lines:
“Dibs on any cigarettes.”

“That’s why he don’t crap right.”

“We are going the wrong direction, again.”

“Like a world over-run with zombies isn’t strange enough.”


“Wagon train ho!”

“We all know what’s coming.”

“Nothing but flattened cities and zombie hordes in every direction.”

“Are you high?”
“Yes I am.”

“We need to not be here!”

“Pipe down hippie!”

Batch 47
Annoying Vasquez is the new guy. Cassandra ate the fat guy in-between eps. Murphy and Cassandra visit a greenhouse which has phyto-zombies (part zombie, part plant). There is mention of a zombie Bigfoot. Harvesters are sent in to collect the alleged zombie cure, they keep dying. This show has outlasted ‘Indian Summers’. Citizen Z’s lair is trashed. Murphy does nothing commendable. The phyto-zombies are creepy, an annoying child actress annoys, contact is made with Citizen Z and the alleged cure Batch 47 is a morale booster. This was a frothy distraction. The evil doctor didn’t die in the fridge in 2x01 and shows up to prove he is a rarefied nutter. Drug cartel guys show up. There is a vaping and a nice scientist dies and Batch 47 does not work. This was okay if cheap looking. The gang just leave a mother and child behind to an uncertain fate. Murphy reunites with Serena and his unborn child.

Best Lines:
“Hope has a price.”

“Follow the machete marks.”

“An irradiated mad scientist.”

The gang are chased by the Wisconsin cheese day parade remnants. The gang push a giant cheese wheel down a hill at the zombies. Murphy’s babymama is loud. The cheese wheel keeps on rolling. Vasquez has secrets. 10K shoots a zombie sheep. People are exposed to anthrax. The gang exploit Mennonites. Murphy’s baby daughter is born in a barn as a star shines overhead and zombies and zombie animals (including a camel) show up. The baby is a bad puppet. Murphy’s baby mama gets dead. This was bad and Cassandra does nothing.

Best Line:
“What is the cleaver for?”

Legends Of Tomorrow 1x09

Left Behind
Rip needs a beating. Sara, Kendra and Ray steal a car and go to Hub City. Ray builds a time beacon and becomes a teacher. He and Kendra hook up and he nearly proposes when they are rescued. Except now it is 1960. Ray doesn’t want to re-edit his narrative. Chronos is not endearing to Snart. Ray is hurt by Kendra. Sara joined the League and is favoured by Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia. Chronos is Mick; I guessed it by the cast list. TPTB are frustratingly cautious.

Mick is a nut-job. Sara and her elaborate braids is loyal to Ra’s. Rip mumbles about time drift. Was fondue a thing in 1960? Stein is detrimental. Rip could tell Sara to take some Lazarus Pit water to revive Laurel but does not. Sara and Kendra fight and it’s like the chick fight from ‘The Mummy Returns’. Gratuitous. There is a major timeline screw up. How does Ra’s know stuff? He has performative fealty. This was okay but there are no consequences and it’s like the dread ‘Star Trek’ reset button. Ray and Kendra have possessive and intimate connotations. The gang head to 2147.

Best Lines:
“We could have just opened the door.”

“We’re free-falling though time.”

“Your son is Bill Gates?”

“Lucky water vase.”

“A life saving Jacuzzi.”

“Want is irrelevant.”

“Your daughter yet to be born.”

Colony 1x04

The Redhats sing the ’COPS’ theme song before heading off on a day of beating up a teacher and her student for reading Bradbury. The aliens banned Bradbury? Broussard is a Redhat, did not see that coming. Is make-up rare now? Hudson is diabetic. The National Museum was looted apparently. Maddie works for an art-looting Green Zone couple (Kathryn Morris and Adrian Pasdar).
Phyllis says the Resistance is misguided, Katie stages an attack on her home and Will aggravates Jennifer. Phyllis admits the Hosts are liars. Bram’s tapes are found. Lindsey the tutor is on to Katie. Does Bram have an ‘As Above So Below’ poster on his wall? It is Day 348 of the Occupation. The Resistance radio guy is arrested.

Will suspects radio guy is not Geronimo. Snyder is not pleased. Did the aliens take artworks? Is Geronimo in the Green Zone? Maddie does it for herself. Charlotte (Morris) is brittle and her husband (Pasdar) is sleazy. Phyllis mentions being in Ireland and reveals she is onto Katie. Apparently the Hosts see time differently. Broussard does bad things. This was very good.

Best Lines:
“People have a psychological need to find the super-villain.”

“Morality’s complicated.”

“The endurance of those whom they oppress.”

“He doesn’t see her for what she is.”

Supergirl 1x13

For The Girl Who Has Everything
Kara dreams she’s on Krypton after being attacked by a killer flower from outer space. Astra and Non plot. WTF is a Black Mercy? WTF is Myriad? Lord exists in a moral vacuum. Nobody is sombre and reflective. The Black Mercy works on the force of suggestion. Winn burns with resentment. Hank is combative. Lord is a charisma vacuum. Hank pretends to be Kara. Winn goes on about bio-masks.

Cat has a disproportionate response. Alex whines. Kara hallucinates little Kal-El. Astra throttles Alex. There is fatuous discussion and TPTB have the impossibility of achieving any meaningful cultural representation of this enormous pop culture icon. Alex wants Kara battered back to reality. This has a self serious tone and no interconnected narrative. This had no good meaningful moments just unstoppable sentimentality and zero emotional impact. Alex and Kara yell. The Black Mercy looks like a prop from ‘The Deadly Ernest Horror Show’. Astra dies, what a waste and WTF is Alex’s weapon?

Best Lines:
“I will protect it until my last breath.”

“I do not do upset.”

“Touch my face. Lose your hand.”

“Intergalactic paramilitary force.”

“Once she is gone, we’ll be happy.”

“We will never let you leave.”

The Secret (2016) 1x01
This ITV drama tells the true story of a vile, smug, adulterous couple who drove their spouses to despair in 1990. Colin plans murder and Hazel shrugs.

Best Lines:
“How would you get away with it?”

Agent Carter 2x06

Life Of The Party
Peggy has a bad contingency plan and brings Dottie out of a blacksite. There is Tiffany product placement. There is period inaccurate slang and technology. Whitney is not unvain about the negative effects of zero matter. Jack shows up. Jarvis is a loose stool. Whitney is emotionally unregulated and wears a bizarre hair ornament. There is death and Peggy does no philosophical pondering. Jack is the moral hero of another story. Frost is tragic, unique and compelling. Peggy annoyed Violet out of Daniel’s life. She also annoyed Mrs Jarvis. Peggy is trite. Jack is ordered to do the ethically indefensible.

Best Lines:
“You’re real hurt.”

“This cesspool of a country.”

“The decadence in this place is truly repulsive.”

“Unquestionably invalid.”

“I won’t lose.”
“Yes you will.”
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