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Book Review: Black Wings Of Cthulhu 4, part 3

Black Wings Of Cthulhu 4 edited by S.T. Joshi, part 3

A gross tale of sexual violence.

A mission to Pluto goes horribly wrong.

Cult Of The Dead
An utterly wretched tale wherein awful people get ennobling status. This was a lamentable shambles.

Dark Redeemer
A boring tale of astral projection.

Best Line:
“Remember my visit to the Throne of God? I didn’t tell you he whole story. It was empty, Cassandra. No one sat there. No one ever had.”

In The Event Of Death
A dull tale of a family legacy.

Evil homeless people and abstract asides. Bad.

The Wall Of Asshur-Sin
A tale of Cthulhu and really stupid people. This is not for the discerning reader.

Best Line:
“They came in the night and carried off his still-living body and committed abominable rites over it to insure that he would walk the pathways of hell for eternity. And so he walks in hell to this day.”
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