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Z Nation 2x01&2x02+Arrow 4x18+The Fugitive (2000 - 2001) 1x03+The Flash 2x18+Blindspot 1x17 Reviewed

The Murphy
With his overbearing behaviour and offensive remarks Murphy is blue and has caused a nuclear holocaust. A man (is it the evil doctor?) tries to hide in a fridge to escape the blasts but dies. Somehow the gang don’t all die of radiation poisoning. There is cheap ass SFX. The opening credits change. Citizen Z issues a bounty on Murphy and fights zombies.

The sister-wives compound has been all but wiped out. Mack has emotional coldness and scruff. He and Addy head off. Murphy got a sister-wife pregnant and she goes looking for him. Murphy is narcissistic and selfish. Cassandra is feral and mind-controlled by Murphy.

There are dire prognostications for the future. Murphy is grotesquely incompetent as a hero and creates a zombie strip club. Murphy has opportunistic resentment and a total commitment to being an a-hole. He dresses like a pimp and is disloyal and unreliable. This is not massively significant.

Best Lines:
“We really still care if he’s alive?”

“Friendly ain’t the vibe I’m getting.”

“You try dressing a classy lady in Cheyenne Wyoming.”

“Which way is daddy?”

White Light
It’s Murphy hunting season. Mayhem erupts. Cassandra is dressed like a skank and sports a white mink coat. The harm still more increases. There is fighting and this was remorselessly and unrelentingly dull. 10K goes deaf, there is a grotesque swimming pool full of zombies and Mack dies. Addy beats Murphy down. How did she even find him? Murphy is at length brought to shame.

I haven’t watched this show for a while but chose to watch this episode for obvious reasons. Diggle’s gurning brother is evil. Like duh. Oliver keeps secrets. Damien is in jail and Merlyn pops up to be his lackey. Damien’s wife is mayor. There are more boring endless island flashbacks.

There is mumbling and face-pulling. Merlyn strides into the Arrowcave and stunt doubles fight. Are the Glades still in a bad way? An idol is stolen. Diggle is a moron and never apologies. Laurel dresses in faux Parisian boho style as cheese-anvils of foreshadowing fly. What is Damien planning? Does anyone care? Diggle’s hero name is Spartan. Oh come on and the helmet still looks dumb.

Damien is a trier. I hope Diggle pays for his stupidity and wilful moronic actions and for lecturing Oliver on Felicity. Laurel is told it is her moral duty to be DA and stop being Black Canary.

Merlyn annoys with his usual fierce precision. Andy smiles fixedly. Damien stabs the perennially under-appreciated Laurel with one of Oliver’s arrows as everyone just stands there. Oliver brings Laurel to the hospital in her hero bondage gear. Wouldn’t someone have outed her to the press? Oliver keeps forgetting he cheated on Laurel. Anyone wouldn’t everyone know who Black Canary is now? Wouldn’t that have repercussions?

TPTB make Laurel’s death all about Felicity. Conclusive evidence that Felicity is the creator’s pet. Laurel babbles and has wistful thinking; she calls Oliver the love of her life. Ignoring Tommy, again. Oliver is an ass with impunity. What a way to trivialise Laurel’s death and make her look like an awful person. Oliver has no haze of tenderness. Lance isn’t there when Laurel dies and these don’t seem like liveable conditions for him. This ep was okay but a striking testament to how Laurel has been invariably reduced to a speed bump on the Oliver/Felicity love highway. TPTB have been treating Laurel negligently since season 1. Poor foregrounded Laurel.

Best Lines:
“This place truly is hell. It makes monsters of us all.”

“I’m going to go hit the streets.”
“Thea, no-one is going to give up Merlyn.”
“Then I’m going to go hit people on the streets.”

“I know exactly what that Kevlar won’t protect”

“Sara’s not dead anymore.”

“Who’s in charge?”
“Not you.”

“He hurt her real bad.”

This was cancelled after one season. I never watched it. Until now. Richard Kimble (Tim Daly) is on the run and being chased by Lt Philip Gerard (Mykelti Willamson). The opening credits are dated and the soundtrack of the 1993 movie is reused. Kimble stands in a phone booth yelling at Gerard whilst wearing mom jeans. Then he makes fake ID, gets a job in a small town and observes the behaviour of bad teenage boys. There is no real capacity for emotion here.

There is no quiet gravitas or sombre dignity. Is Kimble faking a deceptive air of slow-wittedness? Gerard is a cop and can’t act. The head bad boy (Chris Evans) is a shameless self-promoter. This was superficial and formulaic and bad to an exalted degree. The local sheriff (Marshall Bell) has an eye on Kimble. As for Kimble, he seems to be looking for the one-armed man (Stephen Lang of ‘Terra Nova’).

Is Gerard starting to believe there is a one armed man? The jerk ass teen plots. Gerard does not seem to have any other cases. An annoying disliked teen whines. Shame feels like annihilation to him. There is a car wreck and a cover-up. This was once interesting project is just assorted ephemera.

Best Lines:
“Another crank says he’s Richard Kimble.”

“You will not last out there.”

“These and the wonderbra add 3% to the tips.”

“I said it was good not happy.”

“You didn’t do much right either.”

“There was a guy and this is him. Come on, you’re thinking it.”

“Learned it at crowbar tech.”

Versus Zoom
Lil-Iris is seen in flashback while Jay aka Hunter’s origin story is shown. He had an acute crisis after his father murdered his mother. Barry runs to Keystone City. Iris hangs out at STAR Labs. Barry wants to reopen the breaches to Earth2. Harry warns against it. Barry doesn’t listen. Joe is a moron. Barry is a self-annihilating tool. Cisco reverbs. Jay aka Hunter lurks. Enough with the padding and the Barry/Iris crap. Joe does treat Barry better than Wally or Iris. Cisco fears going Vader, Iris wishes to be unburdened by destiny and Jay aka Hunter is a convicted serial killer but nobody recognised him as the Earth2 Flash. Why does he dislike Harry though?

Why didn’t Snow mention Earth 1 Hunter before? Jay aka Hunter yells causing no grave concern. There is a fight. Barry takes time to gloat and then feels mortification. Jay aka Hunter has anger and antipathy. Barry is so consistently wrong. This episode sparked weary detachment. Harry promises violence, Jay aka Hunter’s time remnant explanation is crap and who is the man in the iron mask? Jay aka Hunter is loony with genuine relish. Barry gives up his speed. Snow is useless and gets kidnapped. Her and her terrible taste in men.

Best Lines:
“What I could have become.”

“This is my welcome home.”

“No relatives wanted him.”

“That’s like some real Hannibal Lecter type level.”

“Hatred is a strong motivator.”

“The skies parted and showed me another word.”

Man’s Telepathic Loyal Outlook
Patterson continues to hallucinate her dead boyfriend David. How long was that cake at the restaurant waiting for Patterson? Jane and her contact have sullen chemistry even if he is spectacularly unforthcoming. Kurt bangs his US Marshal. Patterson has no disarming aching sweetness. Reade and Kurt’s sister have social awkwardness. Nobody cares about Carter’s murder anymore. The gang are about as credible as the FBI gang on ‘Profiler’. Mayfair makes a new friend who has to be a plant. Angry aka Tasha is told Mayfair is dirty. Patterson is in peril and is menaced by stank ass crazy brothers. Everyone has a personal agenda. Jane wears black.

A boom mike is visible in one scene. Patterson is chased through the woods by the mad brothers, one of whom looks like the Unabomber. Kurt’s sister and her daddy complex bores. The crazy brothers have helpers. Tasha gets suspicious. People are obstinate and weirdly unrevealing. Kurt and his father have manpain. Jane is given photos to fake having memories of the past. David and his voice like a rusty gate fades away. This was goodish with toxic thoughts. Why are Jane’s gang after Weller? What are they after period? Is Kurt the real bad?

Best Lines:
“You’re a generous addict. What are you doing?”

“That’s no fun.”
“Neither is this.”

“A sudden passion for union meetings.”

“I was very unpopular in high school.”

“I’m just asking.”
“And I’m telling you not to.”

“He’s mourned you his whole life.”
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