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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ trailer
There is a Will Smith mention, the former POTUS looks rough and the scientist is still alive. Looks good.

Best Lines:
“A stronger and safer Earth.”

“A distress call.”

“What goes up must come down.”

“Make them pay.”

“It’s touched down over the Atlantic.”
“Which part?”
“All of it.”

“They like to get the landmarks.”

The Angry Birds Movie’ TV spot

‘The Hollow Crown’ trailer
Weird hats, arrows, fighting, discord and bloody history. Looks good.

‘Now You See Me 2’ trailer
The magicians are back and there are new enemies. This looks incoherent and has Harry Potter. This looks DUMB.

Best Line:
“Make it go up.”

‘Suicide Squad’ trailer
A team of very bad people do stuff. Maybe.

Best Line:
“You irritate or vex me.”

‘Penny Dreadful’ promo

Langues de chat croustillantes et fondantes - yum.
Organic Butter traditionally churned lightly salted with Guerande sea salt - excellent.
Sticky Roast honey & chilli cashew nuts - yum.

Anyone recall the 1992 TV show ‘Raven’?

A ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off called ‘Class’?

Firma - safe.

‘My Girl’ (1991), ‘Problem Child’ (1990) and ‘Problem Child 2’ (1991) are bad movies.

‘Daily Mail’ Quote:
“A park-bench drunk and vile man.”

‘Rush Hour’ (TV) Quote:
“Tried to keep you in prison cos you are garbage.”

‘Flowers’ Quotes:
“He smells like an old tramp.”

“Some free mirth.”

“Heathen’s Wood.”

“Slug people.”

‘Mary Beard’s Ultimate Rome Empire Without Limit’ Quotes:
“Anyone you didn’t like in a ship.”

“We tend to joke when we say all roads lead to Rome. But actually, they do.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Where are Ste’s kids when Ste is in jail? Why is Harry with Ste and his criminal record? Since when does James have £10,000 to pay a rent boy? Where is Diane? Apparently the locals are too thick to appreciate gourmet food. Scott plans to burn down the Hutch. Where are social services when Ste is locked up? Ste has to pay a £300 fine. Amy shows up and is barely used. Harry preens. Ste is rude to Amy. Ste plans violence. Didn’t Ste inherit any money from dead Doug? Is Ste still married to John-Paul? Tegan sneers. Ste asks Leela for another chance, storms off and plans to be a drug dealer again. John-Paul is a moron. Harry becomes a man whore. Ste storms back to Leela. John-Paul and Scott make out. James throws £10,000 (literally) at Harry. Ste won’t accept it so Harry gives it back. He’s thick and looks rough. Ste and Harry failed to notice Lockie’s last message carved into the floor of their shack. Sonia annoys and Lisa may be found. Is Lockie dead?

Best Line:
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