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BookReviews: Cold Between+Sleeping Giants+Hurricane Punch+CadillacBeach+BlackWings ofCthulhu4 part1

The Cold Between by Elizabeth Bonesteel
This was very good and an intriguing start to the ‘Central Corps’ saga. In the distant future murder, colonization, lies, conspiracy, profit and ambition are all in play. Irritating, self-involved, mildly military Central Corps officer Elena Shaw realises that complete belief in Central Corps is no longer possible and that there is solid uncomfortable ugliness out there and her spectacularly unforthcoming superiors know more about what is being concealed than they let on. I enjoyed this, the world building intrigues and I wish to know more.

Best Line:
“Something angry and poisonous and endlessly dark.”

“If he confessed, we would stop.”

“The final fate of a ship that had shaped a future it had never seen.”

“They say he was yelling a lot.”

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel
There were giants in the Earth in those days. A young girl falls into a hole, beneath her is an enormous metal hand which predates all human civilisations. The girl grows up to be a scientist determined to learn the origin and purpose of the artefact and how many more parts may be out there. This was an excellent tale of conspiracy, wonder, cosmic horror and mystery.

Best Lines:
“The list of countries that want bad things to happen to us.”

“This sounds a little macabre already, and I haven’t even mentioned the shotgun.”

Hurricane Punch by Tim Dorsey
This 2008 novel sees Serge run around Florida as hurricanes lash the state and another serial killer strikes. Serge would be less mad if there wasn’t another serial killer also he does not view patience as a virtue. So there is a lot of talking and an irreversible slide into ennui. Nobody cares about the indistinguishable killers on the loose or their forgettable victims. This was sexist and inherently terrible. There is no crystalline clarity just desperate mugging and this was not even mildly diverting.

Best Line:
“Those pinheads who held a party for Camille and the sole survivor floated out a third-story window on a mattress.”

Cadillac Beach by Tim Dorsey
In this 2005 novel, Serge does utterly pointless irresponsible behaviour. There is no linear tension, growth, revelation or change. The plot is in a chaotic state, nothing is perversely shocking. There are character clashes and Serge is obnoxiously self-serving. Really bad choices are made in the 1960s as the story of Serge’s grandfather is interleaved with the present as Serge draws false comfort from his hangers on and their destructive credulity. Serge is apparently viscerally sexual but the final conclusion is that this is not tangibly substantial and is already dated.

Best Lines:
“You’ll shut your mouth and you’ll like it.”

“Fat guys in undershorts eating bratwurst.”

“Instant-personality energy drinks.”

Black Wings of Cthulhu 4 edited by S.T. Joshi, part 1

Darksome legacies abound in this utterly incoherent tale of whatever this is about.

Best Line:
“Wasn’t your grandfather struck by lightning in the front of your house?”
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