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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Colony’ 1x04 promo
Guns are waved, Katie is annoying and this looks interesting.

Best Line:
“We lie to everyone.”

‘The Durrells’ 1x05 promo
House guests from hell arrive.

Best Line:
“Please be nice to us.”

‘Joe and Caspar Hit The Road’ promo

The new ‘Twin Peaks’ cast sounds interesting.

WTF is the 1993 ‘Swing Kids’?

‘TOWIE’ is an Isis recruitment video.

‘Wrecking The Rising’ is listless and unexciting.

‘Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute’ Quotes:
“The ladies of his house follow.”

“The King leaves London, no more to return.”

‘Louis Theroux: Drinking To Oblivion’ Quotes:
“That sounds nasty.”
“Was quite annoying to be honest.”

“Kids I can’t see no more.”

“That bit I wasn’t shocked by.”

“Until a different better life no longer looks possible.”

“You did wind up in the park for a night.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“I told them to be armed.”

“The boring people don’t realise they’re boring.”

“A bore-off.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“With the complexity of an extra in a straight-to-DVD heist flick.”

“After their divorce hired two gunmen to kill him (they failed).”

“Had to run naked through a meadow to get his attention.”

“Hoovering up hillocks of cocaine.”

“He sort of muttered to himself continually, ranting away at the horizon and occasionally glared at me in the mirror.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Mumbled some profound nothings.”


“Effectively ignored.”

“If there was a logic guiding these seemingly chaotic choices, it was legible only to him.”

“Chicken-beak fist.”

“Engrossingly nuts.”

“Gets preoccupied with something that fascinates him more.”

“Do eye-catching stuff in the background.”

“Nobody understood acting anymore. I was taught that you have to fight for your performance.”

“Brando-esque model of Great Acting.”

“Outré obsessions.”

“The mire of infamy.”

“A cocktail-crazed dancing mother.”

“Eternally vexed.”

“Just plain wrongness.”

“Career manqué.”

“The suspected racoon in the attic.”

“Reflected conservative small-town values.”

“Unlocking a universe that has a mystery to it.”

“Wastes a lot of time reminding you how much of an auteur he is.”

“Appropriate resentment.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Justice has new name: up.”

“They won’t know why they’re dead.”

“Off-brand dust ruffle.”

“The wind beneath my ass.”

“Beat you with a phonebook.”

“Free drinks and eyeball height cleavage.”

“Not a good accomplice.”

“Atheist strip club.”

‘King Henry VIII’ Quote:
“A most unnatural and faithless service.”

‘King Richard III’ Quotes:
“A man that loves not me, nor none of you.”

“Thou dost infect mine eyes.”

“In deadly hate the one against the other.”

“His issue disinherited shall be.”

“All the pleasures you usurp are mine.”

“A weeder-out of his proud adversaries.”

“I pray that none of you may live your natural age,”

“Rooting hog!”

“Thou loathed issue of they father’s loins!”

“Dispute not with her, - she is lunatic.”

“Offend us you have not,”

“The deed you undertake is damnable.”

“From forth the kennel of thy womb hath crept a hell-hound that doth hunt us all to death.”

“Think on the tower and me: despair and die.”

“A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!”

“Be copious in exclaims.”

“Who intercepts me in my expedition?”
“O, she that might have intercepted by strangling thee in her accursed womb,”

“To wail the title, as her mother doth.”

“But thou didst kill my children”
“But in your daughter’s womb I bury them.”

“Corrupted foul injustice.”

‘Horrible Histories’ Quote:
“He looks just like a dead tramp.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“The negative space around male heroes - their stories rendered invisible.”

“People being circumspect around him and not enjoying his company.”

“Negative aspects of your own personality that you disown and project on to others.”


“Socially aloof behaviour.”

“Veiled dominance.”

“Desperately sad plot.”

“Cycle of despair.”

“Logical endpoint.”

“An implausible premise that is both misleading and inauthentic.”

“His exceptionally rugged version of masculinity.”

“She should go and have a baby.”

“Raw need and longing.”

“Cold surgery.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I really do not drink that often.”

“You’re poison to me.”

“Not hold yourself responsible for all of this.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste and Harry have boring issues. Tony will loose the Hutch, thanks to Scott. Ste is feckless. Ste’s annoying kids annoy. Harry whines that they’re down to their last £10. Harry is vile to his father. Ste insults Simone. James is sarcastic. Simone is angry. Harry is selfish and quits his job. Ste does a chew and screw on Cameron. Ste is promptly arrested for theft and assaulting a police officer (Myles Keogh). How many times has Ste been arrested now?

Best Lines:
“Dad, I’m bored.”

“Not running a hostel for truant alcoholics.”

“Go do it in a bus-stop.”

“Maybe I don’t care.”

“Skint, homeless and living in a shack.”

“Told you you’d pay.”
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