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Fringe Season 1 Ep 20 Review

There's More Than One Of Everything

Thankfully this show has been renewed because so much story potential was opened up by this ep. Nina Sharp and her bad wig are alive, thanks to the fact she has kevlar in her ribcage. No, seriously. Jones wanders around looking conspicuous with bandages and pus all over his face. Jones and his cohorts try several times to open a doorway to the other world, in public places without anyone wondering what they're doing. Walter reveals he and Bell first learnt of the other world by doing copious amounts of LSD.

In what has been hinted at all season, Walter basically admits he started the whole cross multiple universe war by going into the other world and stealing something: "I could take from there what I had lost here." He does admit that the consequences of that theft were to allow: "Things from there to pass over here, which could be dangerous." So he built a device to shut doorways between the universes. He doesn't tell Peter what he stole. But later it's finally confirmed that what he stole is Peter. Walter's real son died of his illness years ago. That's why Peter doesn't remember being sick, he wasn't. A grief stricken Walter stole Peter from the other world and his real family. Peter isn't of our world, he is of the other world. So that means Walter is a child snatching criminal. So what about Peter's real parents? The Peter being stolen revelation has so much plot potential, what'll be the reaction when it finally comes out?

Anyway Jones dies. Walter sobs over his real son's grave. Which makes one wonder that if real Peter has a grave then his mother had to have known he died and that her husband had stolen them a new child. The investigation into William Bell is ordered to be shut down. But then Olivia travels to the other world and meets Bell (Leonard Nimoy) in his shiny office in the shiny tower of the WTC.

This was good, the final scene was amazing. But why is the other New York so glossy and shiny whilst the other Boston looked bleak and dystopian? Why is Bell living in the other world? Will Peter ever learn what Walter did? Where is the other Walter, why hasn't he tried to retrieve his son? I LOVE this show.
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