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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Captain America: Civil War’ TV spot
Has no creative component.

‘The Flash’ promo

Best Line:
“You can’t lock up the darkness!”

‘Angie Tribeca’ promo

‘Robinson Crusoe’ TV spot

The Fugitive’ (2000) trailer
In this cancelled TV show remake, a wife is murdered. Her husband is accused and an obsessed detective chases him in a flurry of bad acting. The chase continues and Richard Kimble is running faster than ever. Bad plot decisions are evident.

Best Line:
“I want a baby.”

‘The Last Stand’ promo

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows’ TV spot

Sour Apple Laffy Taffy - okay.
Grape Laffy Taffy - okay.
Strawberry Laffy Taffy - okay.


RIP Prince.

I want to see the 1986 ‘Gothic’.

There is Black lava salt and Arctic thyme salt and birch-smoked salt? There is also handcrafted nut butter?

Dried cranberry, vanilla & smoke, plus pecan and maple chocolate sound yummy.

The white giraffe is cute.

Dear relative: stop making a mess, spilling things on the floor, leaving doors open and demanding wine and potatoes. Stop fiddling with the broken water timer and buying excessive bread, fruit and spread.

Get Him To The Greek’ (2010) is horrible, sexist bilge.

I will read ‘Sleeping Giants’.

I won’t read ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ 10x25 or 10x26.

I may review ‘Versailles’.

The Fugitive’ (1963-1967) Quotes:
“How you must hate me.”

“Nothing I do is decent.”

“It was and is a lie.”

“When I’m dead, you’ll find him.”

‘The Fugitive’ (1993) Quotes:
“I didn’t kill my wife.”
“I don’t care.”

‘Emmerdale’ Quote:
“Not cheeking off the dentist.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“A darkening swirl of fear.”

“Felt threatened by the way people responded.”

“Not permit survival.”

“Slightly proud of one’s ignorance.”

“Wanted to pull him by his necktie and kick him in the nuts.”

“Sucking up sympathy which he ill deserves.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Nobody thought he could be dead.”

“Turn up at awards ceremonies with heavies.”

“It’s not interesting any more.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Creative idling has been all but outlawed.”

“Has it all but does not seem to be enjoying any of it.”

“Unflattering British masculinity.”

“Descended into open hostility.”

“The struggle of production.”

“A shouting match in the National Film Theatre.”

“Programme free will out of them.”

“Historical nostalgia.”

“An apparently interminable parade of dippy, solipsistic singer-songwriter berks.”

“Dire presentiments.”

“Feminine colours.”

“Retro culture.”

“Instant viral infamy.”

“Grey-lit Serbs plotting in quarries.”

“Sweaty leeches.”

“A man so amoral he has a fur sofa-”

“We had exactly the sort of sex I’d imagined.”

“Her flashy clothes that weren’t age-appropriate.”

“Edible bile.”

“Verballed up.”

“Never a man exactly crippled by modesty.”

“Unnecessarily handsome.”

“Sucked like a Dyson.”

“He refused to play anyone’s game or to act with gratitude.”

‘Catfish’ Quote:
“Like a punch to the face right there.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quote:
“A 70-year-old pensioner attacked her husband with a meat hammer after catching him watching pornography.”

‘The Blacklist’ Quote:
“How does that happen?”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Guitar-toting laureate of the street.”

“Roaring bar-room rock and roll.”

“Cultural engineer.”

“Wallow in newsy gravitas, confect historical grandeur or blow up sentences with adjectival pyrotechnics.”

“Dialogue should never be the principle method of conveying the facts of a novel.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Ste and Harry have wifi in their shed apparently. Harry is awful and whines about a missing essay. Myra is suing Tony so she can have IVF money. John-Paul is still a teacher. What happened to his love of music? Harry is a life-ruiner. Cleo tries to steal money from Myra’s IVF fund which she keeps in a Will&Kate biscuit tin. Tony berates Harry. Ste demands a job in the pub. Myra is awful and Ste coos about having a schoolboy lover. Cleo is stupid. James pervs over Harry. WHY? Cleo is stupid some more. The plotlines are clichéd and unconvincing. James offers Harry 10,000 for sex. Harry accuses Ste of having James perv over him. Harry and Ste have issues. Harry whines about giving stuff up for Ste. As for Ste? He is an arse. John-Paul and Scott seem to be getting together. Harry ignores how he ruined Ste’s relationships with Sinead and John-Paul.

Best Lines:
“Cheesy balls.”

“Put your heads together and talk balls.”

“That isn’t love!”

“After everything I’ve given up for you!”
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