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Book Reviews: Mammoth Book Of Cthulhu part3 +LiveByThe Code +Mammoth Book Of Roman Whodunnits part1

The Mammoth Book Of Cthulhu edited by Paula Guran, part 3

In The Sacred Cave
This story is not satisfactorily contributing. It’s about the collective past and false consciousness or something.

A mother lost her daughter but could maybe get her back. This was meticulously creepy.

Variations On Lovecraft Themes
These interpretations and musings on Lovecraft, his parents and his utterances dissect him in calm, devastating ways devoid of worship. This was good.

Star Trek Enterprise Rise Of The Federation: Live By The Code by Christopher L. Bennett
Klingons have bitterness and resentment causing unnecessary excitment in Section 31. There is social stratification in the Empire which nobody cares about. The Ware are increasingly a destabilising social factor. Saint Archer thinks up the Prime Directive. Shran is shoved aside. Tucker and his moral ranting bores. This was crap, sexist, dull and boring.

Best Lines:
“The slave pens are open - the merchandise is in open revolt!”

“Do you expect gratitude in return?”

The Mammoth Book Of Roman Whodunnits edited by Mike Ashley, part 1
This 2003 anthology collects tales from the Eternal City to the most remote outposts of her Empire.

Never Forget
A lawyer is told to uncover a murderer. The ending wildly transforms the story. But this was dull.

A Gladiator Dies Only Once
A tale of gladiators and societal diversionary activities. No.

The Hostage To Fortune
A murder takes place in Roman England. No and there is a wildly anachronistic use of Jesus.

De Crimine
A tale of an orator, a man in love and a vamp. Has promise but is of questionable sincerity and too po-faced and extremely grave.

Best Lines:
“The doorman was chained to his door as usual.”

“I don’t frequent the kind of parties she gives or attends.”

The Will
There are issues over Julius Caesar’s will. Okay.

Honey Moon
By Marilyn Todd. Claudia Seferius (of the dreadful novels) remarries and suddenly she’s nice and caring and concerned about others. This was wildly anachronistic and wildly inaccurate.

Damnum Fatale
A tale of Christians and Paul in Nero’s Rome. Okay.
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