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The Flash 2x17 + Blindspot 1x16 Reviewed

Flash Back
Cisco whines. Iris recalls Eddie. Barry has a genuine philosophical conviction: he’s going to go back in time and ask fake Wells how to run faster. Harry predicts Barry will screw up the timeline. He’s right. Barry’s caustic assessment is that he doesn’t care. Barry runs back in time to the time of the irritating Hartley.

This is all ominous for Barry personally. There is talk about E-bombs. Hartley and his declamatory style annoys. Fake Wells wheels around being creepy. Eddie shows up. As does a Time Wraith - where were they during Thawne’s rampaging? Everyone Barry has a deep admiration or affection or respect for is actually evil. This makes Barry angry.

There is whispering, things goes awry, Cisco freaks out and fake Wells does interpretive mime. Barry changes the time line and Hartley is now part of team Flash. This was good.

Best Lines:
“I let it happen again.”

“Your plan is asinine.”

“He’s not Wells!”

“Some ‘12 Monkeys’ time loop.”

“I move like this, you barely flinch.”


“Evil Wells.”

“Small, loud, run around.”

“I’m coming for you.”

Any Wounded Thief
Kurt’s sister and nephew piss off. Blondie’s ex made a dinner date. Kurt annoys people. It’s Taylor Shaw’s birthday. A truck carrying chemical weapons is robbed. Jane has memory of spying on Kurt from before this all began. Kurt was profoundly damaged by Taylor Shaw vanishing and is Jane really Taylor Shaw?

The FBI are not pleasant. A General has gone bad. The CMA is mentioned. What about Mayfair’s corruption? Reade broods. How did Jane’s gang learn all this stuff? Jane recalls more of her snooping on Kurt’s past and how he and his dad had issues. There is a hatch and a stupid act. Will things ever normalise? Kurt vomits after being exposed to chemical weapons. This happens after he just had major surgery.

The obvious baddies are behind it all. Kurt gives Jane a necklace that belonged to Taylor Shaw’s mother. Kurt and Jane have tension. Angry is gambling again, she never learns. Blondie talks to herself. Jane’s gang want her to shag Weller into submission. Why are they targeting him? Jane’s contact shags her. This was okay and had a reveal. Is Jane actually Taylor? Is Weller the big bad?

Best Lines:
“No one wants you here. No one.”

“It’s delusional!”

“The antidote vial is broken!”

“That was not a normal human reaction.”
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