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Trailer, Quotes and Stuff

‘Bad Neighbors 2’ TV spot

Hazelnut praline with lace crepe bits - good.
Hazelnut praline with fragments of speculoos - good.
Hazelnut praline with crispy cereals - okay.
Rocher with hazelnut praline - good.
Orange Kitkat - okay.
Tabasco chocolate - yum.

RIP Victoria Wood.

So ‘Castle’ gets rid of its female cast members for ‘budgetary reasons’.

Burger King are doing the Angriest Whooper (red). Recall the Halloween Whooper which was black?

The Fugitive’ (1993) Quote:
"He showed up not dead yet.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“The groom spotted falling out of a nightclub with a Hollyoaks actress.”

‘Deadly Lessons’ (1983) ponderings:
This TV movie had an undertone of older men preying on teenage girls. The horse riding instructor and Shama (who was a Saudi don’t forget). Stable boy Eddie and Stefanie and EVERYONE knows about them. The creepy janitor who stalked Marita’s mother and now stalks Marita. Plus the killer’s own origins and motivations.

The finale has Stefanie being chased and then she encounters someone who she thinks is her rescuer. Who is creeping around the school dressed as a ninja and wearing black leather gloves and is obviously the killer. Why didn’t anyone hear her screeching for help? The killer drops their corn fed nice guy act and reveals himself as a sexist, murdering, psycho and promptly wastes murdering time to explain their motivations and gets caught. This film is so cheesy and illogical but oddly compelling.

Best Lines:
“Nobody’s going to get us.”

“This is dumb! DUMB! DUMB!”

“Oh for sure!”

“But I could kill her, my father’s bodyguard showed me how.”

“Went against him.”

“Nobody is going to murder us.”

“Wouldn’t hurt to see where Senator Dean’s daughter was yesterday morning at 5 am.”

“When I’m through with you.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Cleo hangs out with Pete and plans to run away with him. Myra is drunk and useless. The new family rant. Holly is trash. There are more excited utterances. Kim goes back to work. Ste and Harry steal from Price Slice cos they’re classy like that. Ste and Leela waste time. The new family have ugly wallpaper. Where are Peri, Tom and their bastard child? Thorpe is the only cop in Chester. Cleo won’t be charged. The plots are devoid of interest. Darren lurks. Esther’s hair changes colour from scene to scene. Esther loves Kim. The new family bore. Harry and Ste live in a shed. Amy is going to let Ste have his kids. Cleo is kidnapped. But that’s over with quickly. Ste’s children are out of control. Lindsey cackles madly. Ste is ungracious whilst caught housebreaking. Lindsey wants JJ. Leela disowns Ste.

Best Lines:
“My stoneware!”

“What is your excuse this time?”

On ‘Neighbours’: Paul is widely and unjustly despised. Terese is awful. Brennan bellows.
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