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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘American Crime’ season 2 promo

Best Lines:
“You need to be very careful with that word.”

“As bad as it may seem, it can get worse.”

‘The Neon Demon’ trailer
A would be model is dangerous. Maybe.

‘Colony’ 1x03 promo
The Resistance aren’t very bright.

‘Blue Peter’ 1983 clip
The year of the infamous vandal attack on the Blue Peter garden.

Best Lines:
“Pored fuel oil into the fish pond.”

“Broke our lovely ornamental urn.”

“Smashed up our sundial and then callously threw it into the fishpond.”

‘Jane Got A Gun’ TV spot

‘The Durrells’ 1x04 promo

‘The Five’ promo

Cookies de chocolate sans gluten - okay.
Wheaten bread with unsalted butter - okay.

RIP Spot.

‘Agent X’ cancelled, before I ever got to see it.

‘The Mist’ is to be a TV show?

I should re-read ‘The Hound of Death’ and ‘Murder in the Mews’.

‘Billy Bathgate’ (1991) is horrible.

Cortigiana onesta - cultured kept woman.

The phrase Menopause Transition scares me.

What is onion ash?

‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Quotes:
“Life is in disorder.”

“Two stints in sex rehab.”

“Protecting her from her bad choices in men.”

“The guy’s a violent lowlife. He’s got a rapsheet. His own brother put him in a psych lockup.”

“Empathise much?”

“Psycho with an alibi.”

“Broken piece of misery.”

“You need a hug or something?”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“The local lunatics.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“I have to think through the consequences of saying this.”

“As if they were a family of hillbillies.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Comfortably dressed men who look like advertising executives from Chiswick.”

“Actors shouting impenetrably preposterous instructions.”

“In a manner far less friendly than that sounds.”

“Sighing paean of nostalgia for a simpler, better, nicer time.”

“An emotional rejection of the present.”

“Girls flirted submissively.”

“The 1960s were good and clear and safe and simple and decent, apparently.”

“Horrid future.”

“Other dreary husband.”

“Patronise-the-Celt acting.”

“I had to have a letter from my husband vouching that I wasn’t a prostitute when I went to Saudi Arabia.”

“Dress shapelessly.”

“Waitresses carried pistols in their garters.”

“Your pre-Celts liked their fields long and narrow and laid out northwest to southeast, cleverly sheltered from the prevailing south westerlies.”

“Arse Marsh’s head.”

“Rare historical anomaly.”

“The parasitic toothwort.”

“Periodical tendency to burst into flames.”

“Suffocatingly anxious.”

“I shall bury you in the bowels of our worst prison for as long as I can.”

“Where what men want is what matters.”

“Hair enhancement.”

“Once when the circus was in the town, we had a group of dwarves stay for a fortnight.”

“Her family hasn’t exactly been the easiest.”

“Many indignant column inches.”

“Begged for crisps through a crack in the door to these strictly adult and dog-only caverns.”

“The OTT vulgarity of the concept.”


“Capable of starting a fight in an empty room.”

“Ground and pound.”

“Could find fulfilment free of regulation.”

“Sheer inhospitability of space.”

“Career bedight with infamy and betrayal.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quote:
“Pantomimic squalor.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“There is a code on the kitchen door to keep her from using his £67,000 two-and-a-half-ton Rorque oven.”

“Dodgy grasp of poetic meter.”

“Tampered down our enthusiasm.”

“Undigested squid beaks.”

“Knicker scents.”

“Pretending to a higher social station than he can believably pull off.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Use your tears.”

“Lead paint eating.”

“Roadkill chomping.”

“Kerosene huffing.”

“Yeah! School clothes!”

“UK clichés.”

“Wall liquorice.”

“That’s out of disrespect.”

“Dis-repect? That’s a word?”

“Exploitating until it’s worthless.”

“Tells family secrets to a perfect stranger.”

On ‘
Hollyoaks’: Lindsey shows up in a bad wig. Where is Silas? Hypnotoad gets excessive screen time. Ste lurks looking unwashed. Nancy annoys. Frankie is dreadful. Esther’s hair changes colour between scenes. Kim learns Lindsey has kidnapped Kath.

Best Line:
Leela’s dirty scrubbers.”
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