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Book Review: Mr Toppit

Mr Toppit by Charles Elton
And out of the Darkwood Mr Toppit comes, and he comes not for you, or for me, but for all of us."

Arthur Hayman is the legendary deceased author of the phenomenally popular 'Hayseed Chronicles'. The five books that make up the famous children's book series became a worldwide publishing success after his death. What intrigues readers the most is the books villain: the mysterious, powerful and threatening Mr Toppit. The child protagonist of the novels is Luke Hayseed, based on Arthur’s own son. Luke Hayman has seen his life taken over by this alter ego

Like Luke, Arthur's wife Martha and her other child Rachel have found the book's fame to be a burden. The influence of the books reaches further than just the family, everyone involved in the success of the books is troubled by secrets in some way.

“Thatcher turns Toppit!”

Just what is Mr Toppit and what does he represent? This is a story about secrets and the moral that few things as menacing as withheld information. This was a good tale of how once upon a time five books broke a family.
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