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‘Legends’ season 2 promo
Oh yes.

Edamame soybeans, apples, sugar snap peas & coriander with an apple, soy & ginger dressing - yum.

I do not like the sound of the new ‘Star Trek’ show. It’s going to be set before ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’? Did TPTB learn nothing from the disaster that was ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’?

Who was Papa Roach?

RIP Gareth Thomas.

The 2013 ‘Ender’s Game’ was crap and badly acted.

‘Into The Woods With Gordon Buchanan’ Quote
“I didn’t ask him to define what lots meant.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“We are going to help you meet your responsibilities.”

“Deteriorated beyond reconciliation.”

“Sifted for every possible meaning or portent.”

“Deeply considered every part of his process.”

“Would go on a creative path and take the mainstream with him.”

“Unmoored from any linguistic harbours.”

“Knowingly formulaic and camp.”

“Delightfully verbose.”

“Neo-feudalistic plutocracy and populist demagoguery.”

“Geo-spatial analysis unit.”


“Deliver according to the parameters of the brand.”

“Disconcertingly robust.”

“Logistic tensions.”

“Bureaucratic nuance and restrictive procedure.”

“A great many men with huge bald heads hit one another while women cower in the shadows.”

“Absurdly unreal.”

“Forced into certain compromises.”

“Slippery glee.”

“Self-imposed constraints.”

“Stifled, stoic.”

“As bound by convention and duty.”

“Occasional emotional ructions.”

“Wistful optimism.”

“Clean and sparse.”

“Strategically detrimental.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:

“Moral-panic-driven media narrative.”

“Those implications took on a new, unpleasant meaning.”

“The FBI suspected filthy lyrics were hiding in the band’s lo-fi racket.”

“Restraining order epic.”

“Immersive strategies.”

“Project emotions on to a story that just doesn’t have them.”

“Cocaine concept album.”

“Thespianic osmosis.”

“Comely automata.”

“Fan-love turns to fan-hate.”

“They throw him out like a bad dog.”

“Run road.”

“Double hermeneutic.”

“Align my behaviour to the typification.”

“Sea zombies.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“He does not care whether the things he says describe reality correctly.”

“Family discord may occur.”

“I am to gratify his pleasure.”

“Organic blight.”

“Are deliberately difficult and fail to display self-mocking humour.”

“Sound like I work in a dockyard.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Josh and his grandfather have died in a hotel disaster. Things are always blowing up in that neighbourhood. Piper screams. Paige is jealous that Brad’s other abandoned child has shown up, she’s a dreadful person.
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