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Book Reviews: Would-Be Witch + 13 Minutes

Would-Be Witch by Kimberly Frost
Book 1 in the ‘Southern Witch’ paranormal romance saga is terrible and un-readable. The ‘heroine’ Tammy Jo is dumb, her ex-husband is a jerk, her love interest is a creep and the plot is all conflict and inconsistencies. There is no emotional odyssey and you cannot perceive the contours of the social and domestic life in which Tammy-Jo is embedded. This was badly written and madly unpleasant.

Best Lines:

“I hate you and your dog!”

“A real-life heroine addict in Duvall.”

“Crockett, where’s your sister?”
“Tied up in the backyard,”

13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough
Beautiful and popular Natasha is hauled out of the icy water and revived. But how did she end up in there? This is a tale of self-deification, the bitter misery of female friendship and a boldly bleak look at teenagers. This was okay but the luridly surprising twist isn’t. As the small surprises and reversals make it clear early on what is going on.

Best Lines:
“So much wine at lunchtime doesn’t indicate a fulfilled life.”

“Staying friends with that dealer your mum dated is the best thing you ever did,”

“Be my best friend forever.”
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