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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Eye In The Sky’ TV spot

‘The Durrells’ 1x03 promo
Gerald gets more animals and this looks unprepossessing. This show is utterly unmerited and rather un-appealing.

‘Home Fires’ promo

‘Mutant X’ 1x15 promo
A mutant vampire.

‘Mutant X’ 1x16 promo
Bad SFX, fighting and VR.

‘Mutant X’ 1x17 promo
Mason tries to encompass Adam’s ruin.

‘Mutant X’ 1x18 promo
A heist ep.

‘Waking Ned’ (1998) promo
An old man naked on a motorbike.

‘Bad Education’ promo

‘Suicide Squad’ promo

‘Fantastic Beasts and where to find them’ promo

‘Car Crash Couples’ promo

Icelandic strawberry dairy product - good.
Reese’s nut bar - yum.
Gluten free orange and poppy seed muffin - good.
Nettle pesto - nice.
Brown Bloomer slices - nice.

So BBC has finally axed ‘The Musketeers’.

I didn’t think ‘Nighty Night’ was funny.

‘MTV Movie Awards’ Quote:
“Don’t you laugh at that.”

‘Would-Be Witch’ Quote:
“I don’t have any hooker dresses, but I know where I can get one.”

‘Last Action Hero’ Quote:
“To be or not to be. Not to be.”

‘The Sunday Times; Quotes:
“Wood stain would have been used on roast turkeys-”

“Some people are very specific about the type of water droplet they want.”

“Respray and respray.”

“You need fake ice.”

“I use lard, glycerine and icing sugar for fake ice cream,”

“Trading estates.”

“Condition black.”

“Man boob t-shirt lift.”


“Being expected to applaud a stage set.”


“It sounds like Sarah Lancashire impersonating Vera Duckworth while eating tripe.”

“We are post-language after all.”

“The indifference that was cool in the 1990s.”

“You think you are thinking your thoughts, you are not; you are thinking the culture’s thoughts.”

“An inauthentic me.”

“Speaking with my true voice might mean losing him.”

“Global hobos.”

“Identifying with a country is a very retrogressive concept.”

“Might be of dubious morals, or worse still, French.”

“Invited disapproval.”

“Silage-flavoured kale juice.”

“Your hair reeks of vomit.”

“Emotional responses.”

“Fill the house with pressure to be happy.”

“Crisp hilarity.”

“Its smallness and its mundanity.”

“A lack of guiding emotion.”

“Yearning pity.”

“Florid gothic fantasy.”

“Ineffably calm.”

“Producing pop that belongs two decades ago.”

“Will work in wine bars.”

“Emptied the contents into a tea spoon and began cooking it up over my aga.”

“His ability to make enemies.”

“Cool menace.”

“Lorenzino and Scoronconcolo were armed to the teeth. Alessandro was armed with only his teeth.”

“Prurient details.”

“Safe identikit radical comedians.”

“The idiocy of art prizes.”

“Women in their underwear have a tough time.”

“Brought down in brutal fashion.”

“No amount of estuary vowels and bad posture make her a conniving villain.”

“Ripe from copulation.”

“You’d have thought we’d be more careful.”

“Ultimate narcissistic con job.”

“The world he inhabits is something he’s always wanted.”

“What you think will be too disturbing for people from a different culture to hear.”

“Moral agenda.”

“Increasingly unimportant.”

“Unenviable status.”

“Opinion is hardening against them.”

“Opinion-forming classes.”

“Stop collecting resentments.”

“Disrupt their anger mechanism.”

“Immersive kissing.”

“Full genital opera.”

“Collapsed like a drunk’s alibi.”

“New life pattern.”

Things we must be offended by.”

“Ever more lethal doses of outrage.”


“Noxious drivel feature.”

“Explicitly illiberal and Stalinist turn.”

“Bikini glue, body glue, to keep the panties on.”

“Her dress sponsor has pulled out.”

“You’ll probably get bitten by a bat and catch ebola.”

“Tried to strangle herself with her hair.”

“One trial had to be abandoned because of the public reaction.”

“This is a wicked, vicious place.”

“They destroy your credibility and your integrity.”

‘The Hairy Bikers Northern Exposure’ Quotes:
“Raving homicidal maniacs.”

“Vikings didn’t use spoons.”

‘Great British Railway Journeys’ Quote:
“I love puffins.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Needs a pay off.”

“Even by school play standards, she’s terrible.”

“Hard pass.”

“You can’t teach popular.”

“For hamburgers, we will now be using two slices of day old toast.”

“Peruvian tapas.”

“Urgent yank.”

“No-one quits me.”

“That sounds vaguely sexual.”

“The buzzard of death.”

“He’s so bad.”

“They better sound sincere.”

“Get through-able.”

“What year are you from?”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Fake Lisa’s lies are outed. Real Lisa is still alive out there somewhere. Sienna makes out with Trevor. Harry and Ste are thankless. Why do they move into other people’s homes and have no gratitude. Harry threw away a football scholarship to the US to hang out with Ste. The Lovedays want to find real Lisa. Jade wails. Technically fake Lisa hasn’t committed a crime. Nico claims to be dying and acts crazy. Ben finally seems to see sense. Louis’ mistress was involved in Lisa’s abduction. Ben and Diane may be leaving soon and Ste is going to go druggie again. Sigh.

Best Line:
“She doesn’t love us.”
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