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ManFromUNCLE 2x26&2x27+LegendsOfTomorrow 1x06+Colony 1x01+Supergirl 1x10+Agent Carter 2x03 Reviewed

The Project Deephole Affair
Men lurk in dark alleys. Solo has privilege and condescension. Fat sweaty men make up this plot. One or two are in peril and one is evil. Solo thinks he is rather fabulous and wonderful. A Thrush agent named Narcissus Darling lurks. It took fanfic to give Solo and Illya depth and character. Not this ep, this was pedantic. The guest stars are long standing has-beens uttering entendes. The duo manipulates an innocent. This ep left me unimpressed.

Solo is neither charismatic nor charming. Sometimes it is hard to see how this show had such popular renown. Thrush invents the self-driving car. Illya is in peril and sadistic and tawdry things happen. A drilling rig looks like its been covered in silver glitter. A Thrush moleman plots. Narcissus acts like the part was originally meant for Angelique. Solo growls sexily and wants his “travelling companion” back.

Best Lines:
“More or less alive.”

“He and his companion ducked into a hotel.”

“I can’t get it up for you right now.”

“A new top-secret project we don’t know anything about.”

“Occupation: none.”

“I like you.”
“Oh, really.”
“I’ve never said that to anyone before.”

“I thought you might like to see our air pollution.”

“You really did have a homing device sewn into his suit.”

The Round Table Affair
Illya is called an American and is in peril. A country gives fugitives asylum. Solo has to chat up a Grand Duchess who is still in school because her regent is corrupt. The mafia (though the term is never used for some odd reason) have taken over the Grand Duchess’ country so she has to take it back. Illya doesn’t utter any homely Russian proverbs. A royal wedding is suggested and there is a sword in a stone. The Grand Duchess (who was still in school when the episode began) has to marry mafia member Artie King. Said King is a scumbag with suspicions of high culture. There are no overt displays of sentimentality until King starts acting nice for no apparent reason. There is an old fashioned wedding dress, a duel and comedy. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I’ve been in worse jails.”

“I know what Mr King’s friends are.”

“I don’t care what you do or how you do it.”

“All the s’s are f’s!”

“There’s an Interpol cop behind every tree.”

“What do I do now? Throw it back at him?”

“The happy populace.”

Star City 2046
This episode was good so I’ll stick with this show for now. The gang have arrived in Star City in 2046 and there is fighting and Rip Hunter has no messianic allure. Palmer Tech is now Smoak Technologies. Sara has over-gelled hair. Oddly Sara never asks about Sin. Ray annoys. Jax pulls faces. Mick has no brain and Stein won’t shut his gob. Kendra is a sexual trophy to be won apparently.

Terrible damage has been done to Star City. Mick takes over a gang and stands around glowering at this underlings. There is a mention of the Uprising and how Slade’s son, Grant Wilson, showed up to mess up Star City. It is not said that Slade wasn’t always insane. Nobody thought to check out Slade’s son before this and tell him how his father was once a good man? No.

The gang can not but give into provocation. Lance has unwavering monologues. An older Oliver (Stephen Amell - as wooden as ever) doesn’t tell Sara how Laurel was murdered as a way to make their father sad. That was a disgusting act by TPTB. Grant Wilson outed Oliver as the Green Arrow and cut one of his arms off. Now Oliver has bad old age makeup and a beard. Lance and Diggle are dead, Felicity left town apparently and John Diggle Jr is the new Arrow. John Diggle Jnr has no admiration for his predecessor. What happened to Diggle’s daughter?

Oliver and his manpain has more manpain. No one cares about Thea. The Jax/Kendra/Ray love triangle crap is jarring and un-dramatic. Grant Wilson is not au courant with sanity. Where is Oliver’s son? Rip Hunter and his bag lady fashion sense annoys. I’ll stick with this for now. Ray is the least cool guy ever. Oliver whines about how he’s literally half the man he used to be. Oliver can’t do math. No-one has peripheral vision. Mick is a nut and Grant Wilson gives off serious Kylo Ren vibes. This was good.

Best Lines:
“I don’t like him.”

“The events that you dread.”

“You think too much.”

“I got a chalice!”

“Go to hell!”
“Most likely.”

“You’re just a punk in a Halloween costume.”
“Funny. I was going to say the same thing about you.”

“That is not a nice family.”

This new show was excellent. It’s a bit like ‘Falling Skies’ only way better. There is forced normalcy in Katie and Will’s family. They have three children, but one is missing. They have razor wire protecting their precious orange tree and transportation passes and phone cards are needed. Everyone rides bikes, there are drones flying overhead, checkpoints and something called The Factory that people speak of with dread. What happened? Well it seems that aliens showed up in something called the Arrival. Buildings bear battle scars. A huge wall divides the city and something called the Exclusion Zone has been created.

The word alien is never used and no one Will knows seems to have seen one. People are downbeat reflecting on their new status as the conquered. Will goes looking for his lost son but is caught up in a resistance bomb. This brings him to the attention of the proxy governor and his enforcers the Redhats.

This has a nice title card, a wall of missing people and it is obvious how much things have changed. Will (Josh Holloway of ‘Lost’ and ‘Intelligence’) is given an offer he can’t refuse. Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies of ‘Prison Break’, ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Tarzan’) tries to find insulin, waves a gun, has a dog and is obviously a resistance member. Having a weapon means trouble, being out after curfew means trouble and it seems the aliens are wif-fi deniers.

There are weird logos and the aliens motives are unknown. Will sees that collaborators live the high life. This reminds me of the original ‘V’ not the cack-handed remake.

Snyder the proxy governor is slimy and reveals Will’s real name and hidden past as an Army Ranger/FBI fugitive finder. After the Arrival the military/law enforcement vanished. Will is told to infiltrate the resistance and bring Snyder the leader who is known as Geronimo. The aliens put on a weird light show. Who is the bimbo hanging around Snyder?

There is blathering about occupation law. Katie and Will’s kids Bram and Gracie stand around looking worried. Will is returned home and Katie is affectionate and then gets angry. Charlie is their missing son’s name. The kid who needs insulin is Hudson and may be Katie’s nephew. Snyder claims the aliens plan to leave after their needs are satisfied. What are their needs? Snyder says Katie can reopen her bar. The aliens undervalue recreation apparently. Charlie’s return is conditional on Will’s cooperation. Katie reveals all to a resistance bigwig (Paul Guilfoyle of ‘CSI’). I enjoyed this and want to see more. So many mysteries to be answered.

Best Lines:
“You made insulin from a dog?”

“Tell me what I’ve done!”

“He’s with those people now.”

“No-one ever sees them.”

“Our hosts are tired of the insurgency.”

“The most important day in human history is coming.”

“What do you want to hear?”

“Do they even know who their enemy is?”

“Collaborate and you die!”

“Good things come to the loyal.”

“I came hungry.”

Childish Things
What is the ill-defined plot arc of this season? Winn’s father (Henry Czerny) who is a cold, lizard-eyed killer escapes from jail using yoyos. There is bad wire-work and angst dialogue and characters staring sadly into the distance. Cat sneers and reveals that Lois Lane wrote a memoir called ‘A Time To Soar’. Lucy wants to be effective but is just irritating as hell as she picks a fight with James. The Toyman aka Winn’s dad is a terrible baddie. This show has no nested sub-narratives. Winn is a dark, unrelenting ass for long interminable stretches. Is that a Batman doll that Winn’s bad dad uses? Winn is thoroughly nasty. Emma Caulfield has a thankless role as an FBI agent.

Lucy and James bore. Maxwell Lord bores. Winn has no intellectual heft. Lord’s ambiguous motives bore. This was a muddled and misconceived ep that was a misbegotten project. Alex waffles. This ep served no grander narrative. Nobody shakes the brain bush. Winn has manpain and whines about peanut noodles. Winn goes on a nice guy tantrum because Kara won’t love him. Alex is stupid and Maxwell Lord and his bumfluff is onto Kara.

Best Lines:
“Self promotional claptrap.”

“Is this a job interview?”
“Do you want it to be?”

“Wearing a glorified pair of yoga pants.”

“Staring into an existential abyss.”

“Do you think he can cry on cue?”

“Code Phoenix.”

“Narcissism and ill-kempt facial hair.”

“No-one you’ll remember.”

Better Angels
Howard Stark shows up to annoy. Peggy is painted as the only person to see though the other character’s hypocrisies. She’s hyperverbal and rude. Jack has no scruples. Terrible decisions are made. Weird stuff happens. Jarvis does English states and this ep inspires no raw joy. There is paranoid suspicion and I had a negative assessment for this ep. This ep encapsulates the joylessness of this show. Peggy has seething frustration but attracts little sympathy. Boo to the rigid value system of the 40s and its oppressive, tightly prescriptive culture. Peggy is always expressing herself very loudly. Distinctly sinister men loom. This show does not retain its own reality. Evil is embodied in the Dark matter/exotic totem/Whitney Frost. Jack has an odd lack of curiosity. There is a twist. Whitney Frost is whiny and a famous scientist. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“Every eye in the country is on her. And no-one sees her.”

“Capturing light in its permanent form.”

“Fabricating the future.”
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