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Trailers, Quotes and tape tales of 2004&1999

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ trailer
This prequel to ‘A New Hope’ looks awesome. People won’t submit to the superior wisdom of the ruling class. The heroine is Rey’s mother isn’t she? This has an old school look. The Death Star, a dude in white and ethereally calm people. This has a retro-feel and there is fascist cape brooding. The used future aesthetic looks good apart from the scene that looks like the London underground. Forest Whitaker looks intense and battle-scared. There is the Emperor’s royal guard, a lot of AT-ATs and diverse climate planets don’t exist. More of the metal colossi please. Why is the heroine in an Imperial uniform? A dude beats down a stormtropper with a stick. I’m there.

Best Line:
“I rebel.”

‘Arrow’ 4x19 promo
Well they killed the Canary (again). Diggle wears the moronic helmet.

‘UHugs’ ad

‘LalaLoopsy’ ad

‘IDo3D’ ad

‘Murders That Shocked The Nation’ promo

‘Millionaire’s Mansions’ promo

‘Gameshakers’ promo
So much stupid.

‘Bad Company’ (2002) promo

‘Supernatural’ season 11 promo
Oh hell no.

Billions’ promo

‘Flowers’ promo

‘I Want My Wife Back’ promo

‘The Jungle Book’ TV spot

‘CSI: Cyber’ promo

Sour cherries - yum.
Gorgonzola picante - yum.
Wild garlic pesto - yum.
Gluten free apricot, walnut and treacle granola - yum.

There is pesto butter?

They’re making a ‘Carry On Bananas’ in 2017? No!

‘Sherlock’ season 4 sounds interesting.

Read a truly horrible 'Sleepy Hollow' season 3 spoiler. That show was RUINED.

Magnolia perfume smells nice.

I will read ‘13 Minutes’ and ‘Would-Be Witch’.

I won’t read ‘Pointe’, ’Cold Embrace’, ’The Cardinal Virtues’ or ‘Daughters of Ruin’.

I won’t review ‘Snap’.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Quotes:
“There was something in the wall that wanted out.”

“Holes and birds and wind.”

‘The Inbetweeners’ Quotes:
“Had hosted an orgy on the fold out table.”

“Smoking drugs? In the open? On a school day?”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Whatever this is.”

“There’s not need for that.”

“Grateful looking locals.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Positioned in opposition to all organised authority.”

“Has nothing to his personality.”

“Gothic disorder.”

“A terminally confused soul.”

“The sort of bad clothes worn only by Christians in liberal-skewed movies.”

“Say awful things to one another.”

“Lacks gravitas and coherence.”

“Unintelligible CG madness.”

“Dark-hearted denouement.”

“Delete, delegate, respond, defer and do.”

“I can see nothing but olive groves, unless I go to the end of the village street, and there is Albania.”


“Water stress.”

“Striking paucity of efforts.”

“Left to decay miserably.”

“To call it bleak is to understate the matter.”

“That’s why so many buildings from the period look as though somebody has been urinating on them for the past half-century.”

“Long-forgotten and unmourned.”

“Horrible, squat dump of a place,”

“Dullness and mediocrity.”


“Dire social exclusion.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: The radio news describes Lindsey as “sweet and unassuming”. I’m tired of Loveday drama. Tegan the husband-stealing, coke-head, toddler kidnapping faker harasses Celine. Where are Cameron and Leela? Where did Lockie go? Lindsey goes OTT. Where are Jason and Robbie? Joe comforts Hypnotoad. Why does Lindsey suddenly not care about JJ? Kim moves in with Esther. Where is Curtis? Trevor cries. Kim has GHDed hair. Frankie is saved, Cindy is horrible, Ben resurfaces and Lindsey puts on a crap blonde wig. Silas helps Lindsey escape and offers a partnership.

Remember what hanging out with Silas led to for poor Will? Nico plots against her mother which doesn’t work out the way she planned. Ben asks Sienna to marry him in Nico’s hospital room. Ste and Harry are thankless, lazy, ungrateful and endanger Trevor’s beloved fish so he kicks them out. The Lovedays catch their fake daughter and real son going at it on the sofa.

Best Lines:
“We don’t want it here.”

“Your evil sister.”

“Frankie, you were never neighbourly.”

“I’m not scared of you!”
“Well, you should be.”

“Lindsey’s kill list. What? We’re all thinking it.”

“She’s not going to knock is she?”

“I knew a Lyndsey once.”

“Let’s go and cause some mischief.”

Cleared out two tapes. The 1st was from 2004 and began with a ‘Charmed’ ep ‘I Dream Of Phoebe’ in which an evil genie prances. Paige bothers a slumming Getty heir. There is a flying carpet and Phoebe ends up in a bottle in a bad wig. There is really bad SF and Chris looks like a truck stop ho. Chris is stupid and this was dull.

Best Lines:
“Why I always get struck with the wig?”

“There’s a warning on the genie bottle?”

Then came another ‘Charmed’ ep ‘The Courtship of Wyatt’s Father’ in which Chris worries he won’t be conceived. Well then, why did he split his parents up in the first place? Gideon sneers and this was dull.

Then came a ‘Dead Like Me’ ep ‘Sunday Mornings’ in which the Reapers annoy and I really do not care about George.

Best Line:
“Sleepy and grumpy.”

Then came another ‘Dead Like Me’ ep ‘Business Unfinished’ about which I just did not care.

The 2nd tape was from 1999. It began with a ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ ep ‘in Sickness and in Hell’ in which Xena and her gobby sidekick are struck down with various diseases and Joxer lurks. This had no comedy and no cinematic swagger.

Then came a season 3 ‘Due South’ ep ‘Odds’ in which Stephanie Romanov guest-starred as a poker player. This ep is a powerful caveat as to how this show sucked once Ray left.

Best Line:
“It’s very difficult to anticipate an exploding wall.”

Finally there was the alleged classic movie ‘Better Off Dead’. It has a mother who can’t cook, Diane Franklin as the love interest showing off her bad perm and the hero Lane whines. Lane’s galpal left him for the school jerk Stalin. Lane is a useless whining jerk and this movie is a glorification of stupidity and Lane’s capitalist sense of property rights. He is not a self-scrutiniser.

Best Lines:
“Dates the basketball team. Not certain members of the team Lane, the whole team.”

“Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.”

“Big boy smut like this.”
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