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Happy Funtimes with trailer goodness

Supernatural Season 4 'Lucifer Rising' clip
Dean guts Ruby, son why didn't you do that two seasons earlier? And Sam? You're dumb.

'Tormented' trailer
Vile kids bully a boy to death and then he rises from his grave for revenge. This looks glossy and superficial and the kids look like jerks.

'True Blood' opening credits
The credits on this show are nearly 2 minutes long, that's practically unknown these days. Anyway nice song, but the credits are nasty looking. This show is about vampires! Not that you'd know that from the credits.

'Sons of Anarchy' promo
This looks dark and enjoyable, I'd watch it.

Lady GaGa 'Lovegame' music video
Nice song, but where is the BoysBoysBoys music video?

'Phoo Action' trailer
No wonder this was cancelled before it got to series, it looks so lame.

'The Seeker: The Dark is Rising' trailer
This bears almost no resemblance to the book. Still Ian McShane and Christopher Eccleston (and his bad wig) are in it. I might, repeat might, be tempted to watch it for them alone.

'Being Human' trailer
This was hilarious. Why wasn't this trailer and the original pilot included on the DVD? They're amongst us!

Saturday Morning Watchmen
Words cannot adequate describe just how hilarious this was. If this was on the 'Watchmen' DVD, it would be perfect.
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