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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Flash’ 2x18 promo
Makes no sense.

‘Daredevil’ season 1 hallway fight scene
It’s so very green and is it really a one-take. A guy gets taken out by a microwave. There is fighting, fighting and why does nobody pull his scarf off? This does go on a bit.

‘Rush Hour: The TV series’ promo
Oh hell no.

‘Game Of Thrones’ promo

‘Home Fires’ promo

The Durrells’ 1x02 promo

Murdered By My Father’ promo

‘The Glimmer Man’ (1996) promo

‘Criminal’ TV spot
What is this?

I may review ‘Snap’.

Organic peppermint tea - not so hot.
72% dark chocolate - okay.

Shea Butter lip balm smells divine.

Dieu Me La Donne, gave a qui la touche - God has given it to me, let him beware who shall touch it.

‘The Six Wives Of Henry VIII’ Quotes:
“Continually imagined his utter destruction.”

“There was this continual serpentine enemy about the King, the night crow.”

“I see they mean to accustom the people by degrees to endure her.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“The urinal area.”

“Profoundly content.”


“Wicked ingenuity.”

“Forced to speculate wildly.”

“One of the many enigmas of her life.”

“Crap jobs, crap parents.”

“Heading somewhere darker.”

“Compassionate intelligence.”

“Not one of the great prose stylists of his generation.”

“Disorientating monstrosity, ambiguities swirl around the value of belief.”

“At large in a field, shouting at farmers, a state of affairs that has him committed to a grim county psychiatric facility.”

“His full-pelt hurtle towards proper psycho territory is worryingly complete.”

“Rage became ungovernable.”

“Booking a discreet bouncer for his funeral in case a fight broke out.”

“Why he put up with so many apparent losers and hangers on.”

“Owed him undying loyalty.”

“Morally lax and easily corruptible.”

“Emotionally confusing.”


“Fussy manners and glacial reserve.”

“Cloud of discomfort.”

“Shameless name-dropping pomposity.”

“Hard bastard.”

“Violent skag memoir.”

“Psychotic pub brawler.”

“Sagging corrugations.”

“Containing edifice.”

“Product of bitter experience.”

“Cocky and derisive.”

“Importation quality.”

“Retreats behind sarcasm and thousand-yard stares.”

“A heartbreaking epitaph to a paradise lost.”

“A statement of relaxed intent.”

“Hideously snotty.”

“A gang of girls dressed within an inch of their pudenda.”

“Hair brushes are now considered a bit naff.”

“Convicted for assault after a pub fight.”



“Some sympathetic nodding.”



“Glycosylated ingredients.”

“Fail at failure.”

“Possessing the weary air of a woman desperate for someone - anyone to service her lumpy husband so she doesn’t have to.”

“Crisis manshorts.”

“Chill time.”

“How does the legal system even enforce an agreement when none of the parties to it have the slightest prospect of being around when the money becomes repayable?”

“Selfie walkers.”

“Her only mountaineering kit? A selfie stick of course.”

“All that mascara and pouting.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“So orange.”

“Freshly pooped eggs.”

“Why do you always think about what you don’t have?”

“What lays bacon?"

“A perfectly good barren lifeless rock.”

“Aniston sad.”

“A word before you continue parenting?”

“Fantasy lunatics dot com.”

“Make mankind a two planet species.”

“What did you learn from that?”
“Lessons I guess.”

“Nutrition zone.”

“Recycled toilet-water.”

“Fake support our daughter.”

“Monumental incompetence.”

“Friendless middle children.”

“On Mars that would be a door-slam.”

“Mom’s my only good parent.”

“Hickory pineapple.”

“A series of near-fatal standoffs.”

‘Ireland AM’ Quote:
“19 for 4 years.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“They may not care anyway.”

My Super Sweet 16’ Quotes:
“I don’t want stupid kids.”

“I’m screening my VIPs outfits.”

“Nobody can look hotter than me.”

“Your dress is too hot.”

“She can’t look hotter than me!”

“She blends out!”

‘Wolf Hall’ Quotes:
“You expect her to wait on you? On Boleyn’s daughter? Pass you your gloves, Madam, and serve you first at dinner? Make your mind up to it - that day will never come.”

“She will not appear, my wife, in the train of that harlot.”

“Seventeen, and he didn’t know where to put it.”

“Hard to please, easy to offend.”

“The marquisate has bought Henry only the right to caress her sister’s inner thigh.”

“She can’t change her mind now.”

“I have had much opportunity to study that lady’s character, and she is neither patient nor kind.”

“You wouldn’t trust her near a sharp knife.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Exiled by an evil concubine.”

“No judgement on this wall.”

‘The Lady In The Tower’ Quote:
“The King no longer looked upon her with the same eyes as before.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Lindsey confesses to Cindy and Mercedes and then beats them unconscious with a book. Kim gets a clue. Lindsey plots to kill Joe. Nancy is a harpy and Hypnotoad whines.
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