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Why are the latest batch of 'Star Trek' books so bad?

The 'Star Trek' novels are now continuity heavy and heavily interlinked, newbies have no chance of knowing what is going on. They're for longtime fans. I usually enjoy them but the latest batch have been seriously deficient. And after viewing the revamped movie that is all humour, action and fun, these humourless books populated by dour, unlikeable people look even worse. (However the 'Star Trek' novelisation and the 'Star Trek Countdown' graphic novel were seriously bad)

The novels that are guilty of being bad and unenjoyable are:
Star Trek Titan: Over a Torrent Sea
Star Trek New Frontier: Treason
Star Trek Mirror Universe: Shards and Shadows
Star Trek Vanguard: Open Secrets

All of the above are guilty of being populated by dislikeable, self-important characters with dull plotting and way too obvious writer agendas. Why in 'Over A Torrent Sea' are we supposed to find credible that a slutty character finds self-actualisation by wiping Riker's ass? Why in 'Treason' are we supposed to care about Robin Lefler's latest act of hysteria and endless boo-hooing? Or Selar's latest sociopathic deed? And in 'Open Secrets' are we really supposed to take Reyes' self-righteous pissy fit seriously and does the writer really expect the reader to accept his agenda of prompting Pennington as the moral arbiter of Vanguard? Then there's 'Shards and Shadows' which runs the MU concept into the ground. Earlier MU novels were enjoyable but this one was oversexed tortureporn populated by morons, fools and imbeciles.
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