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Book Reviews: Orange Crush + The Country Girls + 5 others

Orange Crush by Tim Dorsey
This 2002 Serge Storms novel sees the spree killer suffering from amnesia and hanging out with Republican would be Governor Marlon Conrad. This non-ruminative, non-amusing novel lacks a clear narrative and is over-calculated, dated and devoid of nuance. Conrad is a moronic tool until a PR stunt backfires giving him depth and character and causing him to question the toxic culture of politics.

This was perfunctory would be dark camp which rapidly stagnates and has a pissy tone. Everyone in this book has bitterness, indifference and contempt. The poisonous influence of power spreads far and no-one has even low level shame.

Best Lines:
“Watch out for the unions and the commies!”

“Escrow was privately disappointed that he had never been asked to join a conspiracy.”

“Shabby retro.”

“Apparently gone off the posttraumatic deep end.”

“The rawness, the energy, the edgework. All the bad camera angles, abrupt editing, horrible lighting. It’s so...”

“Should Stone Cold Steven Austin be allowed back in the ring after his recent disqualification for attacking Triple H with a claw hammer?”

The Country Girls by Edna O’Brien
This 1960 novel sees village girls Kate and Baba go to a convent school and then to Dublin. They want to grow up and have a life. This book is spoken of reverentially as a classic but sad and quiet Kate is a doormat, Baba is toxic and through strenuous effort, misblaming and creepy sexual grooming they ruin themselves and their futures. They don’t have social maturity and this is not a coming of age tale just a desperately sad and pathetic tale of disgruntled girls.

Best Lines:
“We had rugs but they were rolled up and kept in drawers until visitors came in the summer-time from Dublin.”

“I got out of bed six or seven times every night as an act of penance. I was afraid of hell.”

“She was crying into the hen-food.”

“Jack had been in charge the night of the concert when the town hall went on fire; Jack was in charge of the lorry that de Valera nearly fell through during an election speech.”

“She lifted up her dress to show her knees because that was how chorus girls behaved.”

“Be off, trash.”

“Found! The whole school knows about it.”

“Where are they, where are they, those children of satan!”

“He was trying to think of a word, bad enough, to describe me.”

“With that certain distain which village’s have for poor mountainy people.”

“It was thick and stupid and made you hate her.”

“The rich man?”

The Girl With Green Eyes by Edna O’Brien
This 1962 novel is a sequel to ‘The Country Girls’ and sees the duo in the UK socially intermingling and not making determined progress. This was dull.

Girls In Their Married Bliss by Edna O’Brien
This 1963 novel sees the duo married and miserable with their impolitic husbands. Kate’s flinty stubbornness leads to emotional wounds and pain. This was dull and the ending is cruel.

Hammerhead Ranch Motel by Tim Dorsey
This 2001 novel sees Serge and various weirdoes run around Florida with the signature aesthetic of murder, death and weirdness. There is a brief tired acknowledgement that the saga is already tired.

Best Line:
“The cocaine eighties.”

The Stingray Shuffle by Tim Dorsey
This 2004 novel sees Serge and weirdoes suffering from a contagion of aberration. Every woman in the book is desperate to sit on Serge’s face. Integrity and fairness is unknown.

Best Line:
“Can you believe it? And after all the microfilm I smuggled in my ass for those guys.”

Then Again, Maybe I Won’t by Judy Blume
Another YA bore from her.
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