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Movie Reviews: Shadow Conspiracy + Radio Days + I Remember Mama + Sliver + Identity Thief

Shadow Conspiracy (1997)
Everyone looks like they brush their teeth with bleach in this non trash classic. Charlie Sheen, Donald Sutherland and Linda Hamilton star in this tale of outdated technology and conspiracy nuts that is full of logical fallacies. There is no awful truth just ineffective turns by the stars and Paul Gleason, Sam Waterston and Gore Vidal.

The POTUS (Waterston) rants and his special assistant (Sheen) is a privileged due-bro. There is acoustic shock, a ridiculous assassin killing people in stupid dumb ways and an annoying badly dressed reporter with a bad perm (Hamilton). People act like print media matters and there is no quiet observation.

This was unsubtle street front theatre as people screech about a shadow government. This obscure movie is deservedly so. There is bad acting, emotionally limited people and no painstaking minimalism. There is swathes of nonsense and this does not echo painfully after Edward Snowdon. This was bottom shelf video store filler back when there were video stores, now it is landfill destined ephemera of the age.

Best Line:
“Not yet aware of our scenario.”

Radio Days (1987)
An okay tale of the golden days of radio starring a young Seth Green and featuring a memorable scene where a u-boat is sighted off a New York beach.

I Remember Mama (1948)

Sliver (1993)
This adaptation of an Ira Levin novel had a troubled production. Sharon Stone stars and is peril from evil chubbers and the annoyingly fey.

Identity Thief (2013)
This and ‘The Wolverine’ are rancid like a 10 year old fart. An annoying Nice Guy is bothered by a fat, gross, ugly, trash goblin con-woman. This wasn’t funny at all.
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