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The Flash 2x14 + Person Of Interest 4x21 + Blindspot 1x13 Reviewed

Escape From Earth-2
In this dull episode Zoom continues his infamously labyrinthine plot. Barry’s moral stance was dumb. Cisco is wildly energetic. Barry 2 wants solace. The man in the iron mask tries to get attention. Jesse is bitchy token eye candy and is completely ungrateful. This ep was not a beacon of interest. Barry is not noble and selfless because he has no personal credibility. What does iron mask’s non-verbal displays mean?

This has no distinctiveness and Snow is sheer frustration. Self-effacing Jay bores. Iris’ new boss is particularly harsh about the Flash and Iris’ skills as a writer. He does have a point about what is an acceptable response to the breakdown of trust in democratic institutions. Iris 2 has no civility or compromise.

Zoom inspires fear and dread. Iris 2 is not upset about a possible menacing intruder in her life. Jesse is implausibly bitchy, blankly sullen and nasty. This was not highly significant. Jay is so dispassionate. Harry is anxiety ridden. Iron mask dude can’t opine effectively and no-one listens to him or cares about his POW code. Barry is a fool. Killer Frost lurks in the woods. Why does her voice have reverb? Nobody cares about her or iron mask dude. This ends on a cliff-hanger. This show has lost something.

Best Lines:
“You did not come alone.”

“All of you will feel my wrath.”

“The infamous founder of STAR Labs.”

“Shut him up!”

“He’s not going to fall for another fake wall.”

“It’s a seminal episode.”

“He’s a bad guy. I’m calling it a lair.”

“I’ve tried. A lot.”

“Hunt us down until we’re dead.”

The fat cow Control is back and we are meant to care about her and the gang wars. Root looks for Shaw who may have gone bad. Elias the rubbish gangster shows up, a classic signifier of a crap ep. Nobody has a healthy sense of self-preservation. There is mumbling and strategic dilemmas. Finch ends up in a nut ward. There are perfunctory characters and this does not seem to have depth or meaning.

Root and Finch locate Samaritan. This was not complicated or dark. I’ve frustration at TPTB’s apparent unwillingness to make a good episode. A wayward loser wanders around. I was unenthusiastic about Greer being boring, Root and Finch being in peril, people dying and mumbling about The Correction.

Best Lines:
“A homeless dope fiend.”

“You have no idea what’s coming for you bitch.”

“Stuck in a dark basement with me.”

Erase Weary Youth
Nobody ever tells anyone anything. The Russian spy from earlier in the season is in court only to be drowned in the toilet by her own lawyer. The FBI has a mole and various annoying people annoy. The office does not have the best discipline. As people are interrogated, they have psychological discomfort. This was good and highly charged. There is mention of a Russian named Illya. Kurt is an arse. A burk has narrow-minded distrust. Jane is in peril. The mole is the obvious suspect. What is Jane up to? Kurt is not happy and people have suspicions about Jane.

Best Lines:
“This outfit’s been compromised, again.”

“Aunty Taylor.”

“What you tell me, I can’t trust.”
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