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Movie Review: The Triple Cross (1966)

The Triple Cross (1966)
Christopher Plummer stars in this true story about a low life thief named Chapman who in jail in Jersey when the Nazis invaded. So he offered to spy for them only to become a double agent for the allies. For his gallant assistance he got medals from both sides, in fact the Nazis gave him the Iron Cross.

Chapman is no hero and seems to be doing it for the fun. He is unhurried and pleasantly subversive with an unfiltered penchant for mischief. This film doesn’t do justice to the true story and has a lack of a sense of accomplishment. Chapman has no fierce loyalty to anyone and no moral responsibility either.

Trevor Howard pops up to puff on a pipe. Chapman says he’ll work for the allies for £10,000 and a medal. He is invidious and brazen with saleable vulgarity. He isn’t intimidated by a Nazi who wears sunglasses indoors surrounded by horrid interior design. It was extremely frustrating that full use was not made of Chapman’s bizarre life story. The Nazis have maladministration and any threat to Chapman is not substantive. Chapman has no fake humility and swans around with the French resistance. This could have been better.

Best Lines:
“Killing Germans the last time.”

“If you’re captured. Take this. Very effective.”

“You insist?”

“War safe.”

“British fair play.”

“I don’t trust banks. People will keep robbing them.”

“A nice shiny medal.”

“It’s destroyed all moral values.”

“You both seem overjoyed to see me.”

“Your buttons need shining.”
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