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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Outlander’ season 2 promo
Are we supposed to forget she’s a cheater?

‘The Goldbergs’ promo

Best Line:
“Our baby is Baby!”

‘The People Next Door’ promo
People have a high level of agitation over their neighbours. Maybe.

Intense dark chocolate egg hand finished with gold lustre - okay.
Real eggshell filled with praline chocolate - yum.
Crisp and golden shortcake biscuits - nice.
Lemon/Hazelnut/caramel/milk truffle/intense truffle/salt caramel/orange crunch/hazelnut praline/raspberry chocolates - yum.

Dear relative: stop leaving the hob on and loo doors open and generally being stupid and thankless.

‘Raised By Wolves’ Quotes:
“Cock fan?”

“He’s so last month. Like that lumpy period I had.”

“People tripping so hard they were eating their own clothes.”

“Horrible din.”

“The man selling second hand sex toys.”

“He ain’t too proud to sleep in a bush.”

‘Watchmen’ Quotes:
“A flabby failure who sits whimpering in his basement.”

“A bloated, aging whore.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Tend to simply and politely falls down after the bang-bang of a rifle shot.”

“Died loud, lingering deaths.”

“Restrictive features.”

“Holds the silencing tactics of the establishment in utter contempt.”

“Genetically susceptible.”

“Legally precluded from examining complaints.”

“Robust input.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Stayed in a mental hospital in Finland because that was all he could afford.”

“Caravaneting through.”

“Well-calibrated acidity.”

“Gender expectations.”

“A definitely warning diarrhoea-colour.”

“Diarrhoea-coloured water.”

‘Irish Impudent’ Quotes:
“A man dropped a 13-foot python on the floor of a sushi restaurant.”

“Heinous provokers.”

“Eternal kidult inhabiting a frivolous world of entitlement.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She married him for his life insurance money.”

“Physically, emotionally and financially destroyed my son.”

“When he needs food.”

“A proud and strong man at one point.”

“They accused me of cheating on him before I even cheated on him.”

“Makes me happy.”
”I don’t think it does.”

“Is this going to make you happy now?”

"Drunk in your underwear."

"A blowbox on your car for two years."

‘President Trump: Can He Really Win?’ Quotes:
“Is he or she godly?”

“He failed horribly.”

“See an uprising in this country.”

“How would you describe his taste?”

“Hyper-aggressive rhetoric.”

I’m watching ‘Hollyoaks’ again and one of the new family has died. Hypnotoad uses this as an excuse to shag one of the new family but ends up shagging her shrew mother Marnie instead. He’s classy like that. Holly caused the drunken deadly car crash cos she’s a drunken skank but for some reason Cleo takes the blame. A new copper shows up. Isn’t Pete supposed to be on trial? Didn’t they film that months ago? Have they dropped the plot? Jason and Robbie have left. WTF? WHY? Tegan forgets she’s a coke addict mourning Ziggy to chase after a new man.

The opening credits have changed and Jason and Robbie are gone. Cleo is thick. Esther has done something bizarre to her hair and is suspicious. Hypnotoad’s vile tattoos are shown off. Kim is in jail as Lindsey literally files her nails at work. Kim is deluded. Celine and Tegan fight over a hobo-looking guy who is Grace’s brother. Hypnotoad has a Marlon Brando tattoo on his flank. WHY?

Best Lines:
“Another one of yours.”

“I threw up 50 quids worth of cocktails!”

“My bad tattoos.”

“I have an infection meeting.”
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