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Trailers, Quotes and a 2002 Tape Tale

Captain America: Civil War’ trailer
Why is Black Widow on Iron Man’s side? Are we supposed to care? The dour and unpleasant Tony is an aggressive prick. Hawkeye and Black Widow brawl. Get lost Spiderman. Tony is out of harmony.

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ trailer
Bad sfx, weirdness, uncomfortable shoes, big hats, a big fancy house, a cat, a Minotaur and Emma Roberts. Maybe.

‘11/22/63’ promo

‘Thirteen’ 1x05 promo

‘Line of Duty’ promo
“4 coppers went into a room. Only 3 came out.”

‘Sliver’ (1993) promo

‘Cherry Falls’ promo

‘Gossip’ promo

Madagascan vanilla yogurt - nice.
Easter eggs don’t taste as good as they used to.
Tropical juice with kale - okay.
Milk chocolate egg filled with dulce de leche - yum.
Crispy milk chocolate egg with gold sparkle - okay.
Gooseberry and Elderflower yogurt - okay.

I plan to review ‘The Durrells’ and ‘Colony’.

‘The Fall of the Roman Empire’ (1964) was ugh.

Dear relative: stop making Easter Sunday all about you and your drama. Stop going through the kitchen drawers and throwing out perfectly good scissors and bottle openers. Don’t insult red wine that was a gift. Stop stomping around making sexist comments, leaving doors open and moaning about what’s on TV. Stop being lazy and not cleaning up your mess and frying a mess in a pan. Also stop screaming about sheets, being ungrateful and thankless.

‘Definitely Dead’ Quote:
“Spied me lurking by the slacks racks.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“I saw heaven!”

“The gentleman of leisurely proportions.”

“Walrus grade Lucite.”

“What are you, Amish?”

“A wiener fish.”

“Meth mom.”

“He committed nature’s greatest crime: coming inside.”

“Unheroic onlookers.”

“So ends the moment being about me.”

“Chairman Meow.”

“I’ve never seen an Angel Dust for gun swap go so wrong.”

“Wife Irritation Level.”

“Your breath smells like: don’t drink that.”

“I’ll tell him what’s wrong with him: you!”

“Don’t fold your arms at me.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Hippy-type clothes.”

“Places they felt excluded from.”

“Social media strategist.”

“Too pass-remarkable.”

“Non-ostentatious lives.”

“Certain lingering bitterness.”

“Shunty nuts.”


“Almond butter and Medjool dates.”

“Untrammelled wealth shot through with menace and resting on a rotten core of corruption.”

“An Austrian man who flew into a rage when hotel staff refused to prepare the Last Supper for him.”

“That many Americans who arrive at Jerusalem are either lunatics or lose their minds thereafter.”

“Overwhelmed by the city’s religiosity.”

“Highly theatrical and very public. They will often rip hotel bed sheets into makeshift togas, deliver impromptu sermons in front of holy sites and go wailing through the streets.”

“Spent much of the 70s, 80s and 90s being harassed by the police just for listening to music.”

“Jumped-up tattooed twerp.”

“I was expelled for bringing Rose’s lime juice to a gimlet party.”

“Starchy paternalism.”

“Making foul-mouthed murder threats in a drunken rant.”

“The pinkos out there that ride bicycles.”

“Semi-choked herself with a sanitary towel.”

“Sexually dressed women.”

“They weren’t tarty looking.”

“You can participate as much or as little as you choose.”

“Deep seated emotional need.”

“Reinvents herself like a chameleon according to need and according to circumstance.”

“Unable or perhaps unwilling to accept.”

“Capturing reality as something flickering and unstable.”

“Very fraught mind.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She physically attacked the whole reception.”

“She treats you like crap.”


‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Increasingly studies women’s absence from history.”

“Keep protesting in dramatic fashion.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Fear of women’s sexual autonomy.”

“Fully formed, complex lives.”

“Social capital.”

“Always been shrouded in shame and used to judge, silence, diagnose and incarcerate women.”

“Airbrushed, sanitised, defied.”

“Paul O’Grady? I always watch you when I’m in jail.”

“Classic last reel hubris.”

“Marvellously daft.”

‘Frankenstein and The Vampyre’ Quotes:
“I would have blown my brains out apart from the recollection it would have given pleasure to my mother in law.”

“Female hunters after notoriety.”

“Gonorrhoea, haemorrhoids and liver problems.”

“Is the brat mine?”

“A volcanic winter.”

“Wandering death bridges.”

“A mortifying negative.”

Cleared out a 2002 tape. It began with a season 6 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Tabula Rasa’ in which Spike is still not staked. Giles is planning to leave cos he is a tool. There is an amnesia spell. This was not a post-modern oddity just a stark contrast between what this show once was and what it became. Then came an ‘Angel’ ep ‘Billy’ which was tasteless and less salubrious. Cordelia tries to have insightfulness. Lilah is a target of vitriol. Angel is all brooding contradictions. I’ve no natural inclination to care.

Then came a ‘The Pretender’ ep ‘Flesh and Blood’ in which there was bad acting and goings on in the one of the deadest rural holes. This had no laudable elements just cheap emotion. Then came another ‘Pretender’ ep ‘Mr Lee’ which was a clip show. There was a painful parable this was not tinged with emotion. This had an ill though through script and no old fashioned meditative feel.


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