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Book Review: Dead As A Doornail

Dead As A Doornail by Charlaine Harris
This 2006 ‘Southern Vampire’ novel sees Sookie and her bristling pride prance through another simplistic narrative. Sookie’s yappy interior monologue deals with a murder cover up, her tender hearted longing for many many men, the malign echo of a dead women and vaguely-socially minded shifters. This is a far from perfect prose narrative. Sookie lists her daily life in remorseless detail, faces disapproval and does not wring any bitter knowledge from experience.

This wasn’t numbing comfort as the algorithmically chirpy Sookie puts on displays of virtuosity, faces unresolved resentment and fear as well as wanting a functioning life. Characters don’t breathe and develop, Sookie doesn’t have an air of vulnerability or a cutting wit and there are no knee-trembling plot twists.

This is not very dramatic or an absurdist comedy and had no dramatic effect or conflicted morality. I wasn’t entranced by the absurd logic and toxic coping skills of a girl who just rolled out of the pool hall.

Best Lines:
“I felt a wave of rage that did not speak well for my character.”

“Step aside, you son of a misbegotten whore!”

“I got shot.”
“Oh, too bad.”

“I hope she’s a dreadful bitch who makes you so miserable that you howl when you remember me.”

“I stood over him with an ice pick for fifteen minutes one night.”

“May take, may not, but it has to be done.”
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