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Man From UNCLE 2x16 +Agent Carter 2x01 +Childhood’s End Part Two +Legends Of Tomorrow 1x04 Reviewed

The Dippy Blonde Affair
Thrush baddies shrivelled by fags plot. Solo and his pores lurks. Another absurd rumble ensues as the duo and their unshakeable integrity and uncrackable moral code fight evil. A desperate moll has fear and disillusionment and huge false eyelashes. A ‘Kojack' look-alike lurks. Jazz baby Illya’s stunt double jumps through a window. Illya sounds more English than ever.

The non-delicate and twee moll is suitably dramatic and has wedding cake hair. Thrush has a silly logo. Solo’s conceit is monstrous. UNCLE has character changing power to make the moll the innocent du jour. There is credulity, juddering desire and discomfiture.

There is barbed critique of Thrush by Thrush. Illya opens a door with a tuning fork. Thrush is populated by annoying little brats. Illya is in peril. The Thrush brats are enthralled with ambition. There is comedy and some fondness and warmth between Illya and Solo. Some very modestly talented guest stars play the Thrush brats. This was good, fun and engaging. Illya’s hair is mocked, Solo is delightfully woeful and there is a fight in the rain that leaves Illya all wet.

Best Lines:
“Decent family indeed.”

“Thankless though the task may be.”

“We got an ion projector that won’t project. A corpse is coming back to life contrary to orders.”

“I’m a cold, detached man.”

“UNCLE hand weapon.”

“Say uncle, go on, say it.”

“You are wrinkling my mink.”

The Lady In The Lake
Dottie is arrested by the SSR. Carter is in LA now and it is 1947. Sarah Bolger and Kurtwood Smith guest star. Carter has tenacity and confidence and is infuriating. There is superficial darkness. Jack and Jarvis annoy. The SSR carries on its sinister vigilance. There are wannabe heroic compositions but no mention of Carter’s abandonment of her BBF in NY.

There are no carefully realised principle characters or neo-realism. A weird body is found. The sceptically regarded Jack has a new path as he is offensively annoying. This was okay but not immediately grafting. Carter’s impertinence is cute, apparently. Carter fails to detect the depravity under a man’s manners.

There is no claustrophobic intensity as people violently vent. Jarvis’ wife pops up to be resolutely tedious. Carter thinks she has moral and civil responsibility for the world. She has no dignity or restraint and thinks she is inerrant. There is portentousness and Sousa has a monotonous emotional register. There is death and Dottie hits Jack with a desk. Jack hasn’t the utmost courtesy or respect. A careworn baddie lurks. NY and LA are stylistically and schematically distinct worlds.

Despite some not inconsiderable flaws and so so baddies, more sanctification of Carter and unpardonable exaggerations about the wonder of Jarvis this has some promise. Sousa has moved on, the monolith lurks and there are unclear connections and underlying suggestions that suggest good stuff to come.

Best Line:
“Fetch a chisel.”

Childhood’s End (2015) Part Two: The Deceivers
All promise has been flushed away and this was terrible. Why are the Overlords collecting animals? What has special guest star Julian McMahon done to his face? There is an annoying kid and only Milo seems to be asking questions. Poor decisions are made and people seem to have a fundamental disconnect with reality. Ricky (who hasn’t aged) obsesses over his dead woman. There is no building sense of anticipation and all investigative powers seem to have eroded.

The aliens do un-delicate concealing of facts. The annoying kid yells. All utopian notions seem to have negative repercussions. There is hardcore emoting and whining. There is an alien Ouija board and mumbling about faith. This was un-relentingly maudlin and people luxuriate in victimhood. Why is there such a causal willingness to accept aliens? What is New Athens? Why is everyone so truly stupid? Ricky’s new woman is a shrew and annoying atheist crap is spewed.

There is a mention of the world federation and someone recalls ‘Tales of the City’. Charles Dance prances around looking like Tim Curry in ‘Legend’. This was made with ineptitude. Nobody has an abundance of caution; there is a random Australian accent and a confrontation. This was not even mildly interesting.

Best Lines:
“They’ve killed scientific inquiry.”

“They’ve been here before.”

“It will end and begin.”

“There is no such thing as evil.”

“Does not take night-trips to hell.”

“Black void that we cried into.”

“Attractively symmetrical.”

“They way has been prepared.”

“The former US.”

“Fish planet.”

“Spare you the pain of what is coming.”

White Nights
The gang are in 1986. A US military officer wears high heels, there is bad fighting and Chronos shows up. They head to the USSR after Vandal Savage. Rip Hunter has ingestible translators - oh come on! Stein annoys with his pious platitudes and full throated attacks. Nobody has measured delivery and nobody makes supportive gestures. This episode is not a necessary function of art. Nobody is morally straight there is just bad acting and rampant stupidity. Kendra and Sara cavort socially. This was parlous. There is an evil woman, Stein acts like he’s the sole and inviolate authority and Rip is crassly insensitive. This was terrible and makes no concessions to narrative logic.

Best Lines:
“I meant use the door.”

“Are you quoting ‘Top Gun’?”

“Gideon, bore me.”

“I’m not a fan of feelings.”

“I’m going to get all ‘Rocky IV’ on your ass.”
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