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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Hush’ (2016) trailer
From the director of ‘Oculus’ comes this tale of a deaf mute woman in a remote house being menaced by a home invader. Looks good.

‘The 100’ promo
The 13th station?

‘Camping’ promo

Sicilian Lemon & mint presse - mmmmm.
Gluten free sausage rolls - okay.
Lemon & Lime curd yogurt - no.
Dark chocolate with Italian orange - okay.
Red salsa - okay.
Coconut & dark chocolate yogurt - tastes like Bounty bar.

On ‘House of Cards’ did Underwood and Meechum continue their relationship after the threesome?

‘The Big Book Of Sherlock Holmes Stories’ sounds interesting.

The covers of upcoming ‘Star Trek’ books are great.  I only hope the stories are as good.

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“It looks like a football writer’s notebook from the 1950s.”

“Bad chippies emit a dense, stale odour.”

“Only moderately weird.”

“Like a lethal reverse Wonderbra.”


“Inelegantly named.”

“Self-believing backchat.”

“Elemental Celtic mud.”

“Personal animus with a wider collision over their different interpretations of a superhero’s quiddity.”

“At odd with her own perception of what Anne’s character was and ought to have been.”

“Insidious, ubiquitous.”

“Inappropriate verbal outbursts.”

“Not totally representative.”

“Dwelt obsessively on mortality.”

“Palpably isolated.”

“Outright contrition.”

“Put that in your pipe, you leftwing kooks.”

“Opted to leave the country after a defamation campaign.”

“Provoking ill-judged, extravagant and counterproductive state responses.”

“The idea was to threaten the audience.”

“The London media was tyrannical. Everyone was scared of being uncool.”

“English pussy music.”

“Crappy pub-rock.”

“Gut-shaking subsonics, vicious strobes.”

“Even the hardcore stopped spitting and looked thoughtful.”

“He proceeded to vomit on himself and fall off the stool, but managed to mumble some unintelligible things into the microphone.”

“This drunk man howling over this guitar loop.”

“More narrative surprise.”

“How elbows can be softened by sticking them into a lemon.”

“Thought-bubble photo stories.”

“Vague and monosyllabic.”

“Believes doggedly in knowing his place.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Push me under the fridge.”

“Didn’t want me wearing clothes.”

“Thrown into the refrigerator.”

“Lightly bit me.”

“He didn’t control my phone.”

“Tell me about your help.”

“That kind of logic will get you killed.”

“Forbid her from leaving the house.”

“A fat drunk slut.”

“I got him bad.”

“He is a terrible person.”

“Not a person to be trusted.”

“I’m not a terrible person.”

“I did deserve it.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Forever moping on tall buildings in the pissing rain.”

“Your ruin fetish.”

‘Jane The Virgin’ Quote:
“Sighing pretty loud.”

‘Lion King’s Timon and Pumbaa’ Quotes:
“The snake-pit of virtue.”

“The really warm coals of truth.”

“The rock of justice.”

“The cave of pain.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Opinion formers.”

“A grilled meat slab, a non-challenging white fish, a chicken-based stew or braise, with a fortifying mound of starch.”

“I’ve been threatened quite often.”

“There is an absence of a vocal victim.”

“Sins of sea fish.”

“Gutter oil.”

“Closed suddenly and mysteriously.”

“Blessed by unborn generations.”

“Career invalid.”
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