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The Flash 2x13 + Person Of Interest 4x20 + Blindspot 1x12 Reviewed

Welcome To Earth-2
This was a vast improvement, sadly season 2 is oddly sluggish. Harry whispers. Where is Henry? Will Iris go away? Jay and Snow continue to bore. The journey to the strange, cold, unfamiliar universe is undertaken by Cisco, Barry and Harry. Along the way they see Supergirl, the 1990 Flash, a cowboy and Grodd. Oddly nobody mentions ‘Fringe’.

On Earth 2 there is a monorail, a Mayor Snart and TV controlled by hand gestures. Barry pretends to be his Earth 2 geeky self. Earth 2 Captain Singh is a gangbanger. Earth 2 Deadshot is a cop and Earth 2 Iris is a badly dressed cop married to Barry. Everyone has a metahuman app. In this world Snow is Killer Frost with a white wig, blue lipstick and a blue leather outfit. Ronnie is alive and is Deathstorm. Nora Allen is alive. Barry cries and makes it all about him, as always.

Cisco is a tool. Earth 2 Joe sings, badly. This was not an ethnographic study of Earth 2. Joe is tonally flat, Barry is disconcerted, Geomancer menaces Jay who has consternation and is like supermarket booze, bitter. Snow does not have poignant reflection just incessant inexcusable dumbness. Earth 2 Joe dies because Barry is a moron. Deathstorm growls and Barry is selfish.

This was good but Jay is such a hopeless. Earth 2 Cisco aka Reverb can’t act. Zoom pops up to kill people, menace people and create a cliffhanger. Is Earth 2 Deadshot dead? Who’s the man in the iron mask? Why is Barry so stupid, selfish and self involved?

Best Lines:
“Do not let yourself get sucked in emotionally.”

“Have you turned into an evil you?”

“You are a taken man.”

“And those of us he deems worthy enough to enforce his will.”

“They’re mirror reflections.”

“You evil bitch.”

“Does this look unharmed to you?”

Terra Incognita
There is Rinch, Carter and Reese growls instead of being largely silent. I was unenthusiastic as the gang protect the urban salariat. There are flashbacks and Reese has patent fury and an angry coat. Reese gets shot, yet again. There is a chatty baddie and how many times has Reese been shot now? This was mostly okay.

Best Lines:
“You brought home a beast. I have to walk it and water it and feed it.”

“There is no after for people like us.”

“Do we buy this home invasion in a doorman building on Park Avenue?”

“Doing what?”

“Says the man who was a hobo the first night I met him.”

Scientists Hollow Fortune
This was ridiculous; I’m honestly not sure why I am still watching this. Kurt’s sister lingers and is dating his co-worker. A supposed dead man shoots up stuff. Jane recalls bits of her past. What is her agenda and the agenda of her group? There is product placement, experiments and no precision or class. This was not intricately plotted or adrenalin-charged and had no air of tension or suspicion. The sex clod aka Kurt is gung-ho. There are no rug-pulling twists but growing tensions are exacerbated. Jane learns about Orion which makes no sense. Jane is angry. Kurt still hates his dad until they do some unexpected bonding. Kurt is not hugely thoughtful. Who should Jane not trust? The FBI or her gang? Nothing in this show makes any sense!

Best Lines:
“How do you know what Mayfair’s pen looks like?”

“Not the most morally scrupulous.”

“Swam across something.”
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