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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ TV spot
So it’s a prequel? Looks deliciously hysterical.

‘Thirteen’ 1x04 promo
Ivy is treated like a criminal.

Honey Mustard dip - nice.
Recall Britvic?

RIP Barry Hines, author of ‘Threads’.

So season 5 of ‘Person Of Interest’ is the last?

How did ‘Gotham’ get renewed?

More ‘Sherlock’ in 2017?

I’m done with ‘The Night Manager’.

Pharmacy restaurant is back.

I hope to review ‘Legends’ season 2.

The 1995 ‘Outbreak’ wasn’t bad nor was the 1996 ‘Tin Cup’. The 1948 ‘Easter Parade’ was not good.

The 1990 original ‘House of Cards’ wasn’t bad.

I won’t be watching ‘Chicago Med’.

I may review ‘Shadow Conspiracy’.

WTF is clickhole?

‘Book Of Ancient Rome’ Quotes:
“Carthage had once seemed invincible and yet it lay under the sand and no life stirred there.”

“Anyone who walked alone in the streets without making a will was a careless man.”

“Idle people needed to be entertained or trouble might erupt.”

“It was a dark portent of what was to come.”

“His legal protector in court could be ‘anyone who cared’.”

‘My Sweet Audrina’ Quotes:
“Vera has broken her bones again. My health insurance will cancel my plan if this keeps up.”

“Some girls are born to be what Vera is.”

“At least I don’t try to look like a pampered mistress who spends all her time trying to please an egotistical sex maniac.”

“If I burn papa’s shirt, what should I do?”
“Run for the hills.”

“An enemy living in your own house.”

“I’ve just miscarried - and you worry about the rug?”
“The Oriental is valuable.”

“Men don’t marry girls like Vera.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“My mother conducted chunks of her life on the other side of locked doors.”

“Escape became the dominant activity.”

“Ability to maintain a charade of normality.”

“Sympathy was not working.”

“Unrepayable act of salvation.”

“Unnerving unpredictability.”

“A future lacking in purpose.”

“Very sad man.”

“Wailing males.”

“What was required of the female presenter in those days was that they laugh at the male presenter’s jokes and give the impression he was Mr Wonderful.”

“Grey skies and warbly theme tunes.”

“Zeta functions of quasi-split algebraic groups.”

“The more you ingest, the stupider you become.”

“Its stew of protagonists inching slowly around George RR Martin’s vast fantasy kingdom.”

“Brood to his heart’s content.”

“Macabre introspective characters.”


“Shockingly insincere.”

“Deadpan inflection.”

“Sarcastic punchline.”

“You will acknowledge me.”

“Makes criticism as irrelevant as possible.”

“A small bundle of people-pleasing fluff.”

“Eye-candy hero.”

“A furrowed agony of indecision and sublimated angst.”

“Leaves little lasting impression.”

“Wearisomely formulaic quality.”

“Energetic inventiveness.”

“Queen was her part, and hers alone.”

“Moralising forces.”

“Red-carpet fashion disasters and children named after random nouns.”

“Deposit your worldly goods on the pavement outside the house you no longer live in -”

“Pacific Island navigators who used their testicles to identify the particular characteristics of the swell to reveal where precisely in the ocean they were.”

“I watch only one episode of The Killing, got terrified that the killer would come for me and hid the box set behind the sofa.”

“This lighting is abusive.”

“I’m zoned out in Hollywood on prescription drugs and alcohol.”


“Urban state of ultra-vigilance.”

“Oops, mind the sick.”


“Just so happy to be on the inside, to be included, to count.”

The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“It’s not candy, it’s baby hearts.”

“You know how to shake and bake cherub?”

“Butt ointment.”

“Like M&Ms with hope.”

“All we ever do is leave them here.”

“I’m going to report you to the state.”
“I don’t care.”

“I can organise every wire you have.”

“There’s a rat floating in my beer.”
“It ain’t there.”

“My domesticated wolverine.”

“Unescorted women like you aren’t allowed in this era.”

“Release the bachelors.”

‘The Guardian’ Quote:
“That appeared to be from beatings during interrogation were probably a result of masochistic sexual proclivities.”
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