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Book Review: Those Below

Those Below by Daniel Polansky
Book 2 of ‘The Empty Throne’ duology concludes as the fantasy epic comes to a grim dark conclusion. Loads and loads of characters are involved willingly, reluctantly or unwillingly in a rebellion of huge proportions against the Eternal. Some live, some die and some find their unflinchingly loyalty, wistful admiration and docility toward the Eternal cruelly repaid. This was an excellent tale of ambition, death and the destruction of the aura of authority and social organisation of those who have ruled for so long.

Best Lines:
“And what is to come will be terrible beyond all reckoning.”

“The hawk does not share meat with men.”

“Frequently and easily carried beyond all objective reason.”

“One must never underrate the willingness of fate to thrust an individual beyond their proper station.”

“Rule with no greater kindness than their predecessors.”
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