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The Man From UNCLE 2x05 - 2x08

The Discotheque Affair
The eclectic music and bad acting annoy in this mediocre episode. Groovy chicks flail around to bad jazz. There is no complexity and intensity to the plot as Thrush plot in gruelling oratory and bug Mr Waverly’s office. This was shallow and misguided as Solo is all pomposity and self-indulgence. There is no real drama as Illya is sidelined and excluded for half the ep. The innocent du jour is annoying and becomes a cage danger. A Thrush agent switches sides repeatedly. This was grim watching with no superlative performances.

Best Line:
“It’s too hokey.”

The Re-Collectors Affair
Illya wears a polo neck. UNCLE looks into looted Nazi art, which is being returned by non-benevolent types. The innocent du jour does not annoy. Evil people are foiled and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“We hunt. We find. We kill.”

“I thought I detected a towering rage.”

The Arabian Affair
TPTB exploit the fact that David McCallum looks like Peter O’Toole as he wanders around an off the peg SFX desert. Thrush dissolves people with foam. This episode was not rigorously logical. Illya is in peril from a shrieky woman whose father is played by Michael Ansara. Waverly annoys. Solo uncovers Thrush’s terminal retirement plan for its workers, Thrush seems even more malign. Solo walks into a Thrush building and they fail to recognise him. Illya does a BS speech. Solo styles and profiles in a Thrush beret. Shallow and betraying people get got. This was okay.

The Tigers Are Coming Affair
An aid worker (Jill Ireland) informs on a nefarious Indian prince. Illya is in peril. This was forgettable recondite. Illya barely speaks. Solo is all manly frankness and pomposity. I was not visibly entranced by the awful magnitude of this inept ep.

Best Lines:
“I don’t have to keep asserting my masculinity, do I?”

“The advantages of soap and water.”

American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson 1x05

The Race Card
In this artistic dramatisation Cochran is gratuitously critical of Darden. Shaprio is ridiculously boastful. There is insincerity and pressure of contemporaneous events. Shaprio is an unimpressive presence. Darden is told to make a cop credible. Dominick Dunne shows up to cover the case. Marcia is not coolly appraising. Ito is hilariously credulous and has problematic thinking. Nobody has a reasoning process. Darden realises his closest confident is out to get him. A complex and difficult case is made worse by dogmatic statements and a toxic atmosphere.

The trial starts and already is a divine abomination. Grotesqueries take place along with psychological games. Cochran is full of strident criticism. People are embittered. Cochran has OJ’s house redecorated and Nicole’s is stripped bare. There is no admiring conjugality. This was okay and ends on an oddly forbidding scene.

Best Lines:
“Their bombshell witness is a dog?”

“DAs don’t go on talk shows.”

Thirteen 1x02
A 10 year old girl, Phoebe, is missing. Tim lies to his wife. Stone acts oddly. The kidnapper’s mother died 14 years ago. Ivy is not honest and trustworthy. What is Stone’s connection to Ivy’s mother? Why won’t Ivy tell the truth? Ivy has no touching vulnerability just disingenuous looks and she is no longer a credible individual to the police. A sinister chain of events has been set in motion.

This is all taking place in Bristol. Ivy tries to reclaim her bygone life but that isn’t happening as she is an inveterate liar and does a lot of staring plaintively. Is Ivy playing on the fact that she’s seen as harmless? This was okay if not entirely Hobbesin. Why does nobody wonder the obvious: is Ivy the mother of Phoebe?

The cops have ineptitude, the damage Ivy has received is painfully manifest, a visual journalist takes an unfortunate shot of Ivy and Ivy’s mother, Christine, has mental disintegration. Ivy’s old friend Eloise shows up. Ivy is not willing to discuss the abduction. New information convinces one cop that there is no other possibility but that Ivy is deceitful and connived in her own abduction. Ivy meets Tim’s wife and has a tantrum as she is wildly unpredictable. Elliot the dumb cop is unpleasant and there is another cliffhanger.

Best Lines:
“I’m tired of talking.”

“She’s gone love.”
“Gone where?”

“Our kidnapper’s solvent.”

“No-one seems to write anymore.”

“I can do sensitively.”

“This was ours.”

“This doesn’t feel very normal.”

“Save your empathy for Phoebe.”

Person Of Interest 4x19

Search and Destroy
A software company’s CEO falls victim to Samaritan. This ep was insignificant. Root does hedonistically annoying things. The foul old harridan Martine is a nefarious agent of evil. I was far from enthusiastic about this. The POI has pure obstinateness, the show is increasingly unrewarding company, the CEO has aggrievedness. There was death and this inexplicably dull.

Blindspot 1x1

Cease Forcing Enemy
This had no innate sense of experimentation and daring. Who are Jane’s followers? Jane has a thing about manipulative strangers. There are shaky philosophies. The FBI is held in a gloomy light. Is Kurt the bulky love interest/talking underpant ad going to end up as the big bad? Who knows? A presumed lost plane is found. A dedicated ass annoys and says threatening and off colour things. Baddies are consumed by murderous fury. Kurt and his gym tits are in peril from unaccountably cruel baddies. The FBI has a cheerful disregard for logic and an invalidated belief in their own brilliance. Jane is being left in ignorance and this annoyed.

Best Lines:
“Unfounded negativity.”

“Shoot anyone that’s not us.”

“In my head where math is done.”

The Flash 2x12

Fast Lane
Iris wears ho wear. Disapproval and contempt are Harry’s default settings. A bad guy named Tar Pit bores. Barry finally decides to do something about the future calamity that must be averted. Wally and Iris’ mother has died off-screen. Harry is deceitful because of Zoom’s secret directive. Snow is useless, Cisco annoys and the gang have never been challenged on their selfish views. A fateful exchange is bad, Harry has appalled, pitying disbelief. There is bad acting. Harry’s icy cool cracks. Iris is dumb. I’m tired of Joe and his violence and uselessness. I’m sick of him and the non-narrative ladder. Nobody cares about Harry’s daughter as they are selfish. I openly loathed these people and this ep. Barry finally steps up.

Best Lines:
“When a hitman is scared, you know something’s wrong.”

“That’s not friendship.”
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