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Batman ‘66 Meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E #4 + Buffy The Vampire Slayer #10x24 Reviewed

The Batman Affair
Chapter 4: A Familiar Face
There is an utter ass-pull to undo the cliff-hanger of #3. Thrush and the bat-villains are being poisonous and the good guys try to lead by moral example. There is a British batmobile and a batsub. I felt enraged disappointment that this miniseries isn’t living up to its promise. Thrush has an undersea base. Cue negative happenings. The big bad reveal leaves one in a befuddling state. There are no unexpected levels of cunning and malevolence, just a mundane grind.

Best Lines:
“Does not think your bodyguards are necessary or welcome.”

“Follow that sub.”

In Pieces On The Floor, part 5
Giles is even more calculating and less likeable than ever. Buffy is tiresome and there are rippling consequences for Buffy’s bad choices. Buffy is orange and Spike is unsavoury. Xander is distinctly unsociable. Ghost Anya is burdensome. Someone finally sees potent possibilities for Dawn. This has no incisive social commentary just unpleasant, unlikeable and too often unrealised beyond caricature characters.

This has no searing intellectual honesty, credible menacing environments or original silliness just burly lumpishness that exudes about as much menace as a blancmange. Forget the messianic fan following, I think it is time to get rid of the comics and their extraordinary capacity for boring blood drenched mayhem and unimaginably horrible plots.

Best Lines:
“Hell of screams.”

“Some Dark-Crystal looking chick.”

“Bedroom activities.”
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