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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Boy’ TV spot

‘The Blacklist’ promo
Oh who cares?

‘Childhood’s End’ promo
I’ll give this a try.

‘Sing Street’ TV spot

‘Agent Down’ promo

Garibaldi biscuits - yum.
Gluten free quiche - good.
Jam doughnut - nice.

‘Supergirl’ is renewed?

I won’t read ‘Angel & Faith’ 10x24.

I will review ‘Those Below’.

Wet  Stone Juniper Bar - smells ok.

Remember skin-coloured Clearasil?

Who are youtube sensations Diamond and Silk?

‘House of Cards’ Quotes:
“There are very few people who understand us. Meechum was one.”

“Look me in the eyes, Meechum.”

“I hate it.”
“I guess I hate it too.”

“The gunman was killed...along with a secret service agent.”

‘Raised By Wolves’ Quotes:
“The double-edged sword of my relative social acceptability.”

“Your dad doesn’t do dairy.”

“If you need bail money, don’t call me.”

“The weekend doggers.”

“Yeah, weasels!”

‘Queen Victoria’s Children’ Quote:
“A very common looking child.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Linguistically unchallenging environment.”

“Unbearable responsibilities.”

“Impressed by the attitude and personalities.”

“Be less derivative.”

“To inject greater energy and personality into their songs and to work harder on structure and harmonies.”

“Fractured and divisive.”

“Moptop haircuts.”

“Trying to put manners on them.”

“Masticatory apparatus.”

“He is a wily wilderness dweller who will survive the apocalypse out of spite.”

“Talk up his own prowess.”

“Did not expire on the rocks as nature intended.”

“The disbelieving look.”


“Dark, meticulously factual content.”

“The parasitic hangers on.

“Tasked with dislodging a springbok carcass from a tress, nobody asks how a springbok carcass would find its way up a tress (do they climb trees in order to die?)”

“The deluded person believes strangers are familiar people in disguise.”

“Meaningful relationships between human beings are unsustainable.”


“Penchant for histrionics.”

“Stormy passion.”

“Crude admonition.”


“Legally misconceived.”

“The simian little nun who told our class of 13-year old schoolgirls that each contraceptive pill contained a tiny serpent to eat our unborn babies alive.”

‘Murder’ Quotes:
“Neurotic and overwrought.”

“Working up a right old candyfloss of indignation amongst the Tatler types.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Aircraft used to fall out of the sky from urine corrosion.”

“Standards of taste and respect have been abandoned.”

“Unchecked perversion.”

”Orgiastic abandon.”

“The careful cultivation of a statesman like image.”

“Provoked worse than disbelief.”


“Avidly non-confrontational.”

“Hopeful idealists.”

“Trademark shot of a character furiously walking.”

“Heroic conception.”

“Sleazy glamour.”

“Causal menace masked by plausible charm.”

“Communal pastime.”

“Cruel sting.”

“Curiously structured.”

“A cottage miserabilist’s.”

“Lacked intellectual coherence and core beliefs.”

“Irritatingly chirpy.”

“By leaving a false interpretation uncorrected.”

“Seething with issues.”

“Cool sociopathy.”

“Seething in resentment.”

“Am-dram acting.”

“Non-standard narrative.”

“Infected by vanity and unmoored values.”


“Meticulous detail.”

“Murky depths.”

“Odious existence.”

“Shouted Italianisms.”

“Architect of his own morality.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Harry defends Ste and declares his love for him. Ste acts in a way that is so damaging to his reputation. Ste is particularly obnoxious. Ste calls the Lomax house “Me own home” - it is not. Ste is fractious. Simmering discontent erupts. Tegan ignores her child. Harry throws away his life for Ste. Cameron smugs. Tony is dispirited. Nobody is noticeably friendly. Tegan is a coke-head now apparently. Ste whines about being an outcast. Ste is looking a bit dead. Theresa decides to leave. Scott tries to be a clown and looks like something from ‘It’. All Ste and Harry's worldy goods seem to fit into 4 duffel bags. Theresa leaves to a Spice Girls tune. John-Paul lets his estranged husband Ste and his schoolboy lover Harry stay with him. WTF?

Best Lines:
“He’s a dirty druggie!”

“You deserve this!”

“That weirdo in the corner.”

“Not good enough.”

“You don’t live here anymore.”
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