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Book Reviews: The Alchemy of Chaos + Magic's Silken Snare

The Alchemy of Chaos by Marshall Ryan Maresca
Veranix - magic student by day and vigilante by night - returns in this implausible sequel. There is an initially hostile woman, a big bad who has the apparent belief that he can bend events to his will, assassins in stripper outfits, menacing boasting, pranks, copious ‘Breaking Bad’ rip-offs and an over involved plot.

This was an imponderable mess full of fighting, talking and improper behaviour. New allies and enemies show up and this was of dwindling interest and unfalteringly dull and larded with jargon about a made up magic system. I just did not care.

Magic’s Silken Snare: Silken Magic #1 by ElizaBeth Gilligan
This 2003 novel set in an alternate Renaissance world takes place in the made up country of Tyrrhia. Various persecuted people hang out there under the benevolent rule of the so liberal rulers. But a kill-tastic princess and cardinal plot. A dead woman lurks needing rescue and the truly annoying ’heroine’ Luciana believes she is the true moral voice of the land.

This was boring as hell, padded out and full of trans-cultural cross-dressing. Luciana’s dudebro husband annoys and Luciana is always whining and finding fault. There is silly magic and a chaotic situation. This was ridiculous with un-engaging characters, a non-realised world and a badly constructed plot. Also it has a horrible cover; I don’t care about these belligerent and unpredictable people.
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