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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Thirteen’ 1x02 promo

Best Line:
“She’s lying to us.”

‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ TV spot
A prepper and something is out there.

‘The Shannara Chronicles’ promo

‘Eastenders’ promo
A bad dude busts down the world’s most fake door.

‘The A Word’ promo

‘Supernatural’ promo
The Darkness? Oh come on!

Betsy’s Wedding’ (1990) promo

‘Vikings’ promo

Wild Elderflower drink - okay.
Dark chocolate Rocky Road bar - okay.
Creamy tomato & basil soup - okay.
Chocolate flake tea - tastes like brown water.
Tex Mex steak - too fatty.

RIP Pat Conroy

Je Tu Manqué - I miss you.

I won’t review ‘The 100’ 3x04 ‘Watch The Thrones’.

Jessica Raine’s character getting killed off in the opener of series 2 ‘Line Of Duty’ was something else.

Remember the 1987 VW Golf ad featuring Paula Hamilton chucking away a ring, pearl necklace and fur coat?

Dear relative: stop telling me how and when to do the dishwasher. Stop going on about dust and where books are placed on shelves. Stop talking about libraries and split milk and profiteroles and stop making a mess you don’t clean up.

‘Sam & Cat’ Quotes:
“America wasn’t the pithole it is now.”

“Bring me back a spicy breast?”

“A freakshow from 1944.”

“Lick it!”

‘Futurama’ Quote:
“It is worse!”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Spectacularly charming.”

“Two is heading into bridesmaid territory.”


“Beseeching eyes.”

“Crotch-choking jeans.”

“Affianced rural totty is paraded as a paragon of bosky pulchritude.”

“An aggrieved smugness.”

“Stupid things became important,”

“The monogrammed wooden boxes she used to transport her pet hens to shows.”

“Taught his parrot to climb up his trouser leg and poke his head through his flies as a party trick.”

“Invented a miniature revolver with which to shoot wasps.”

“A sad beige creature.”

“Defcon Megacow.”

“Noble suffering.”

“With zero evidence of any kind of living happening in them.”

“Rarely end up falling into bins.”

“Wrote sub-Joycean crap.”

“Vague fifty something discontent.”

“I’m a real believer about keeping your colon clean.”

“Afraid of stuff I couldn’t articulate.”

“Discovered alarming truths.”

“Pawed the ground menacingly.”

“As scary as possible.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“That torture trumpet.”

“Last year’s was kind of lonely.”

“Envy on Twitter.”

“How clean in that hand?”

“You told me something but I wasn’t listening!”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“The oppressive distribution of housework.”

“Stages full of stories by men and about men.”

“Hard to fight feelings of futility.”

“TV morality crusade.”

“The wearing of extravagant clothing is also banned.”

“Adoring gaze.”

“Self-righteous bleating.”

“Inherently disrespectful, defiant or anti-social.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Asks people to sign a fatality waiver before-hand.”

“No café too grimy to go past.”

“Much less congratulate him.”

“Taunts about a candidate’s failure to punch unspecified persons in the face, suspected continence, physical deformities and excessive use of fake tan, hairspray and Ku Klux Klan sympathies.”

“The ultimate terrible fate that could befall America.”

“I wasn’t being seen at all.”

“Constant scrutiny.”

“Implacable foe.”

“Scathing look.”

“I create realities.”

‘The Alchemy Of Chaos’ Quotes:
“Doing thorn things.”


‘The Red Bulletin’ Quotes:
“I had a great mother, even if we did sometimes get visits from the police.”

“When my father was at home, and wasn’t too drunk.”

“A horror-show of marine life.”

“An endgame survival plan.”

“I don’t want 1,000 people arriving, looking for a leader.”

“When social collapse is imminent, having a well-stocked rural retreat is the only sensible option.”

“Pick doers, not talkers.

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“I am a praying person.”

‘Shameless’ Quote:
“Sometimes devils come dressed as angels.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Nico’s plan to poison Theresa goes awry. Grace is on to Trevor. Myra is tired of Diego. Nico stabs her mother with a broken wine bottle. What unsavoury findings will result?
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