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Trailers, Quotes and a 1996 & a 1998 Tape Tale

‘Ghostbusters’ (2016) trailer
This looks terrible.

Best Line:

‘The Flash’ promo
“Catch me if you can.”

‘11/22/63’ promo
Oh yes.

‘Vinyl’ promo
Not caring.

‘Arrow’ promo
When Felicity dies, I will watch this again.

‘Sing; (1989) trailer

Best Line:

‘Burn Hollywood Burn: An Alan Smithee Film’ trailer
Oh hell no.

‘The Heat’ promo

The Craft’ promo

‘American Hustle’ promo

‘Allegiant’ TV spot

‘It Follows’ trailer

Jammie Dodgers - yum.
Maltesers teasers - nice.
Gluten free Nacho cheese popcorn - okay.

Recall the crappy 1987-1988 TV show ‘Rags To Riches’?

'Agents of SHIELD' renewed? HOW?

Read a 'House of Cards' season 4 spoiler, am ANGRY!

‘Revelations 6:8’
“So I looked, and behold,
A pale horse
And the name of him
Who sat on it was Death
And Hell followed with him.
And power was given to them
Over a fourth of the Earth to kill
With sword, with hunger, with death...
...and by the beasts of the Earth”

‘Horrible Histories’ Quotes:
“Posh people.”

“Death and treason plots.”

“Get them before they get you.”

“So annoying.”

“Doesn’t come much more unnatural than that.”

“Smash my enemies into tiny wee bits!”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“There’s a fire-engine in my house.”

‘The Goldbergs’ Quotes:
“Something’s dead up there.”

“I don’t hear you running after me.”

“We should be running as a group.”

“I got some normal people to see later.”

“My mom won’t let me eat chocolate.”

“Classic comic sidekick.”

“Some treasure hunt, like 10 feet across the street.”

“I believe in that alpaca farm!”

“You’re using 10 dollar bills as coasters!”
“I ran out of fives!”

“Take the sorry.”
“I reject the sorry!”

“I take nothing.”

“We’re all dead to each other.”

“Little worms make my clothes.”

“Erica’s wine coolers.”

“Butterfly massages.”

“You saw nothing.”

“Don’t drop it on your face.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“She uses these qualities to generate soul-deadening imitations of emotion.”

“Because having a real job is inherently funny to them.”

“Sincere drama.”

“A matinee star who is abducted by communist screenwriters from the set of the titular Hollywood Golden Age swords-and-sandals epic.”

“Theory and axiom.”

“Was a bit loud and, let’s face it, agricultural-looking.”

“Something inherently grotesque, unspeakable,”

“Militantly callous.”

“Scheming cultural mandarins.”

“Not the scene of much genuine emotional intimacy.”

“It has the feel of a man shaking his fist at a cloud.”

‘Line of Duty’ Quote:
“Agreed and accepted.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“If a Scot with a grudge is frightening, beware an Australian with a chip on his shoulder.”

“Posh Brutishness.”

“Show contempt for social convention.”

“Gestural protest.”


“Champagne socialists.”

“Millennial opportunism.”

“Messy answerlessness.”

“Sex cult.”

“Dialogic alter ego.”

“Imaginatively bankrupt.”

“Mutual contempt.”

“Sleazy lyric.”

“Sounded like a theme for a TV cop show”

“Nobody told me what I’d just sung about.”

“No reciprocal obligation.”

“Brutal nadir.”

“Dissenters from that narrative.”

“Unspoken conventions.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“The Christian Military Reform School.”

Cleared out two tapes. The first was from 1996 and began with a ‘The Pretender’ ep ‘Mirage’ in which Jarod pretends to be a skydiving instructor. Robert Carradine and Kate Hodge guest star. Jarod sniffs out more inconstant people of dubious moral character. The Centre prats continue to act deranged. Out of date tech is used and this was grim and inessential.

It was followed by a season 1 ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ ep ‘The Titans’ which was a tad uninvolving. And then there was another ‘The Pretender’ ep ‘The Better Part of Valour’ in which Jarod pretends to be a fireman. I have no interest in the Centre and their plotting. Jarod continues making strange. Miss Parker continues to dress kind of porny in off putting colour schemes. Jarod burns down a man’s house.

Then there was a ‘Forever Knight’ ep ‘Father’s Day’ which continues to have zero intersection with reality. A Don’s son runs away. Lacroix does something bad and Nick is dumb. This was dumb, listless and tired.

Best Line:
“I’ve buried enough sons.”

Then came a ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ ep ‘Before and After’ in which Kes travels through time. Kes married Tom and had a daughter (Jessica Collins) who married Harry Kim and they have a son. WTF? This is a future that never was and showed children that will never be. There is bad old age make-up and wigs. There is technobabble and more time travel. This had some okay rhythms and rhymes but depressingly flat acting and Kes is a passenger in her own story. This was not a grim examination of the Kes’ then inevitable early death.

Best Line:
“Get your grandfather and father.”

Finally there was another ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ ep ‘Prime Factors’ in which a possible way home is found. Seska and co steal it. Janeway is all dull vituperation and her moral relativism just comes across as stupefied stupidity. Seska pot stirs and all VOY’s promise went away in some spectacular disintegration. This was overbranded content.

The second tape was from 1998. It began with a ‘Millennium’ ep ‘The Fourth Horseman’. I really liked this 2-parter back in the day but it is so boring with 90s SFX. This was terrible in every sense. Terry O’Quinn stares, Frank Black’s annoying wife and child annoy and there is outdated tech. The Marburg virus strikes. Men mumble, there is bad acting and death.

Best Lines:
“Maggot migrating trails.”

“The Group knows what it could become.”

Then came the follow up ep ‘The Time Is Now’ in which more people mumble and die. Did the Millennium Group release the virus? Does anyone care? Lara goes mad. Catherine dies and there is a bleak ending that was ruined by season 3. This was ridiculous, risibly amateurish with a leaden pace and limp plotting.

Then came a season 3 ‘Due South’ ep ‘Eclipse’. I have negative associations with season 3. The ep had unsupported claims and yell-it-out acting and plotlessness. Finally there was an ‘X Files’ ep ‘All Souls’ in which there are mysterious deaths, washed out pastels, bad acting and Scully obsessing over Emily. By the miniseries she’d forgotten Emily. An angel and the devil wander around this woefully mismanaged plot that overdoes the solemn solecism.

On ‘Neighbours’: Why does Tyler look like Jason David Frank in his Green Ranger days? Piper is sure she’s a vlogger hero. There are improvident choices. Paige annoys. Xanthe never the brains of the operation ignores Shelia’s latest health scare. Brennan tries to revive his and Paige’s shattered love for some reason. Paige is objectified in a bikini. Bossy the dog alerts Kyle to Shelia having fallen down. Kyle has Xanthe sent to a group home.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: The evil Joanne is onto fake Lisa aka Sonia. The oft derided Sienna is sick of Nico and Ben. Grace and Trevor seem to ignore their child. Grace mocks Trevor’s obvious fear and PTSD. Theresa recalls that her 2nd child and Nico are half sisters. The pimp and his manky teeth rant. Ben does not have a cheerful unthreatening style. There is no collective sense of decency. Nico is prevented from drowning Theresa. Where is Pete? What are Ben and Sienna living off of? Nico and her perfectly GHDed hair watches a DVD called ‘Die For Me’. Subtle TPTB, subtle. Trevor and Sienna shag. There are no good and just men. John-Paul sees Diego in his very small underpants.

Best Lines:
“She can hold a grudge for like months.”

“Like we’re transplant sisters.”

“I rise to it right now.”

“I’m not posh!”
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